Photo #231: Remembering Ong Bay

October 16, 2012

I called home this morning and was told incredibly sad news. Ong Bay – my grandpa’s younger brother, had passed away from a very unfortunate accident. Although he lived in Vietnam, I was lucky to have had opportunities to spend time with him. Each time, he greeted my family with a toothy grin and insisted we stay to have a meal with his family – cooked with his own birds and vegetables. We also had to travel by boat to get to his place but he would make sure never to send us back without lots and lots of fresh fruits from his garden… 🙂

It saddens me more that I was in Vietnam just a year ago, but was too busy with my own stuff to visit him and his family, Now I will no longer have that chance. I cannot even begin to imagine the pain he experienced, how scared and how alone he must’ve felt during his last moments, but I pray and believe that he’s now at peace and in a better place…

We will remember you Ong Bay.

(Photo taken June 26, 2007)

RIP October 10, 2012


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