PBL 36 – Lunch at Mike & Sandra’s

October 23, 2012

PBL 36 came over for a potluck lunch today – so much fun and such great food!

Thank you so much to everyone for not only coming, but for putting the time and effort into making the lunch a success!

  • Drew – awesome fruit punch
  • Yoni – apple pie
  • Alex & Josiah – lovely cheese board with crackers and condiments
  • Randol – pinto beans and corn bread
  • Joseph – Singaporean noodles
  • Jasmine – salmon salad
  • Chen – Frankfurts wrapped in puff pastry
  • Christine – ‘Death by Chocolate’ trifle
  • Roger – mini chicken sandwiches
  • Mike & I – curried eggs, meatballs, cinnamon buns & chocolate treats

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I had a great time playing Articulate and hearing all your stories – I hope we get the chance to do it again soon!

Some of the spread!

Mmm… especially grilled haloumi!

Tasty chicken sandwiches!

Jasmine and Chen!

Mike and Christine

Hi Joseph 🙂

Roger! Always so smiley

Hey boys! Randol, Rog, Jossy – you guys made it to my Photo of the Day!

The girls look good, the guys… a little silly…

Desserts! Apple pie with ‘PBL 36 +’

Mmm… death by chocolate

Cinnamon buns!


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