Photo #257: Almond Coconut Brownies??

November 11, 2012

We are trying to clean out the fridge before going back to Canada on Sunday. We have around a dozen eggs to use up. Naturally, that meant Eggs Benedict for breakfast (which is always a delicious treat) and baking in the evening. With a few other ingredients we had lying around, I decided to attempt creating an almond coconut brownie recipe. Moist and yummy!

Photo #256: Halfway Dinner

November 10, 2012

Tonight was our Halfway Dinner to celebrate the end of our second year of medical school. I had a great time with this gorgeous group of people (and company of course!) – last year’s PBL 25!

Thank you James, Christine, Kristen, Fiona and Andrew for being amazing people! Love!

Photo #254: We’re Half Doctors!

November 08, 2012

Around 11:30am today, we finished our Ethics and Professional Practice exam – the last one of second year, woo hoo! We are now halfway through medical school – if we pass our exams that is! 😉

Huge thanks to Zac R. who organized and took this class photo for all of us!

(You won’t be able to find me, but I am standing on the left ledge)

(Photo cred: Zac R, 2012)

Photo #253: The Taste of Fresh Cranberries

November 07, 2012

Believe it or not, today was my first time having real cranberries and oh my – they are delicious! Mike and I stopped to have lunch of MOS Burger after our exam. For a limited time, they have cranberry iced tea as part of their meals. What a treat to have a drink with not only fresh cranberries but blueberries as well – delicious!