Last day in Brisbane!

Today is sadly, our last day in Brisbane before heading back to Canada for the holidays.

Clearly, Brisbane is EXTREMELY sad to see us go, check out how hard it was crying:

This video was taken while Mike and I were trapped at King George bus station. We had a reservation for High Tea at 11am but couldn’t weather the storm to walk a few blocks to the restaurant so had to cancel instead.

All jokes aside, it’s been quite a day. The first storm hit around 11am (in the video), with more than 11 000 lightning strikes across Southeast Queensland. The second one started around 10pm tonight and is still going strong! Thunder and lightning non stop! Read more about it HERE

For our last meal in Brisbane, a long overdue dinner with Mario at Madtongsan II – my favourite Korean restaurant! We’ve been often enough as it’s been mentioned here, here, and here!

We arrived around 5:30pm and the spacious restaurant was already packed. We were quickly seated, given water and glasses were brought for our champagne.

Michael and I love the Bi Bim Bap here so that’s what we ordered – I got tuna and Mike got beef. Mario chose to have a pork belly stir fry with vegetables and rice! We also got a dumpling appetizer to share. Our dishes came out very quickly and mmm – the food never disappoints!

Crispy dumplings

My stone pot! Doesn’t that look delicious?!

Michael’s dish

Mario’s spicy, but delicious, dish that was making all of us cough 😛

So good, all gone!

The meal costed $49 between the three of us – not bad! 🙂 And more importantly, we made it home before the second storm 😉

Madtongsan II on Urbanspoon

Please share your thoughts! :)

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