Home: The plane ride and first night

November 18, 2012

(Warning: This might be a long one! And I didn’t even take many pictures to make it easier to read)

Mike and I woke up bright and early to get ready and head to the airport.

We were so proud of ourselves getting in the taxi and at the domestic terminal by 5:30ish… only to be told we were at the wrong terminal and needed to get ourselves to the international one. Frig! Our itinerary didn’t tell us that, and the same flight last year flew out of the domestic terminal! Luckily the shuttle bus came immediately and there was no one else on it. We hauled our luggage on and told the driver what happened. She asked us, “Did you know your flight’s delayed til 10?”

What… we did not!

Checked in at the international terminal only to have the Qantas representative go “Hmmm…” *clack away at keyboard* and then leave us standing for 20mins to go “sort this out.” So we had no idea what was going on but only hoped we didn’t have to wait until tomorrow to fly out.

He finally came back to tell us that for some reason, the Qantas leg of our flight had been canceled on their system so they hadn’t known to make alternative flight arrangements due to our delayed flight. Oh no! Leaving at 10am instead of 7:30am would make us miss our connection flight to Canada. Luckily they were able to put us on an earlier flight. But, we had to go back to the domestic terminal.

Yes, we groaned too! Before even asking, the rep spared us more trouble. He checked us (and our luggage!) in and let us leave our bags there where they would be transferred to our plane – hooray!

With boarding passes in hand, we hopped on the shuttle bus to go back to the domestic terminal… and ran into the same driver. And yes, she obviously laughed at us.

We were told there was someone sitting between us on the flight to Sydney and started joking, “Maybe this person is really big and booked a middle seat hoping no one else would sit beside them.” We boarded the plane only to have Warren (not fat, in our class, also from Ottawa) come up to us and say, “Looks like we’re stuck with each other!” Little did he know, he would’ve had the whole row to himself if not for us! But it was nice to see familiar faces (Tom was flying with Warren) on such a long trip home.

All flights and transfers went extremely smooth. My butt became numb about 4 hours into the leg from Sydney to Vancouver. By the 6th hour, my sacrum was crying and needed a heat patch to numb the pain. I’ve always hated this part the journey!

The airplane food was surprisingly a lot tastier than we expected! Which was nice because I actually ate my meals and at got at least a tiny fraction of my money’s worth. Too bad we didn’t have enough time to grab Tim Horton’s at Vancouver though – we barely made the connection!

Had a big welcome party at the airport in Ottawa. Big thanks to everyone (mom, sis, bro, grandparents, Cau Hai’s family, and Di Nam) for picking me up! 🙂 I felt special. Also nice to briefly see Mike’s parents too before we went our separate ways.

Got home around 6pm to enjoy my first home cooked meal – Bun rieu, yum!

My sister… always ruining pictures!

Unpacked my luggage! Then brought my Australian gifts over to hang out with my grandparents for a bit. We tried some of the goodies together and by 11pm I was ready to call it a night.

Came home, called Michael (miss you!) and finally showered after 2 days – gross.

Please share your thoughts! :)

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