Photo #272: Rewards of the Past

November 26, 2012

Look what I found. When my siblings and I were very young (grade school), my mom gave the three of us each our own sticker book. She had this container full of different stickers and whenever we were good (behaved well, received good scores, did the chores, etc) she would reward us with a sticker that we’d stick in our book. Growing up was so much simpler then! We worked to earn stickers and that alone made us happy and proud. Sure we were also rewarded with TV time, computer time, sweets, etc., but I still can’t imagine growing up and wanting a cell phone, laptop, mp3 player, tablet, etc. Oh, times have changed. There are still many stickers left, so into the donations box they go! Hopefully they will make another kid happy 🙂

Please share your thoughts! :)

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