Halifax Day 2: Lunenburg and Skyfall

December 05, 2012

Woke up to a completely silent house as Bill & Nina were already at work. We started the day with breakfast and Michael gave me a tour of their place. I’d been told many stories last night of the work they had done to the place, which now looks great! Bill still has numerous projects on the go and I guess there’s always more work to be done!

They live on many acres of land (with horses and chickens!) and I really wanted to take a walk around to see their property but unfortunately, it was raining – bleh!

Instead, we headed out to Lunenburg about 40 minutes away.

Boots, check! Umbrella, check (although I soon learned umbrellas are my enemies here)! Cameras, check! Away we go!

We were hoping to see the Bluenose II, replica of the fishing schooner Bluenose (yes, the one on the dime), but alas, it wasn’t docked!

Instead, we had fish & chips at The Dockside Inn & Restaurant.The wall paintings were nice but the furniture was a little outdated. I also dislike carpet in a restaurant because it gets sooo dirty! Food was good though, but we were overcharged which was a little annoying.

Went for a walk after lunch. It would’ve been a lovely view, if not for the rain. 😛 In addition to the weather, it is also low season at the moment, so we did not see another soul!

Fishermen’s Memorial and Tribute in Lunenburg, on South Shore of Nova Scotia.  The Memorial forms a compass and lists Names of Sailors (Men and Women) and Ships who were lost at Sea.  “Dedicated to the memory of those who have gone down to the sea in ships and who have never returned – and – as a tribute to those who continue to occupy their business in great waters.”

After Lunenburg, we headed into Bridgewater, where we met Bill, Nina, Uta and Lily for dinner at Food Revolution. Unfortunately, the restaurant experience was not as great as we were hoping.

Mike and I were still quite full so only ordered appetizers – those came out quite quickly. I got baked (deepfried) ravioli that were quite bland if not for a creamy dipping sauce they squirted on top. Mike ordered baked brie that came out with plain white toast, a little disappointing. The others had to wait forever for their mains to come out. Bill and Nina got chicken shawarmas and Uta ordered a pizza – I do not know why it took so long for their food. In the meantime, poorly chosen music is blasting through the speakers (eventually had to ask them to change the music and turn it down) and there was a significant cold draft over the table.

After dinner, we stopped by Mike and Tina’s place (they have the prettiest cats and the cutest dog named Molly) to drop Lily off. We hung out for a bit before it was time to head to the movie theatre to watch Skyfall!

The movie was… alright, definitely not as good as Michael and I were expecting. I cannot say this was my favourite Bond movie, but Adele did a great job with the song.

Headed back to Bill and Nina’s for a second night. And that marks the end of Day 2! 🙂 See the FULL ALBUM HERE!

Halifax Day 1: Delays and New Germany

December 04, 2012

My flight for Halifax was at 11:20am. I was happy to be through security and at my boarding gate by 10:45am.

Unfortunately, we boarded late. And then we sat on the plane going nowhere – for an hour. Then they told us to get off the plane where we waited some more. Finally, they put us on a different plane and got us to our destination… nearly 3 hours late. I especially find it annoying when airlines make up excuses to explain the delays (loading luggage, waiting to be cleared for take off, etc). Then the delay becomes too long so they finally tell the truth, which is pretty much, “There’s something seriously wrong with the plane. We thought we could fix it, but we couldn’t and it’s not safe to fly. Sorry!”

But more importantly, I finally made it to Halifax where Michael was waiting to pick me up. So good to see him, even though we had only been apart for 2 weeks. ^_^

He knows me too well, got me Almondillos! Chocolate, my favourite. Instant boost of mood.

We then began the drive back to New Germany to stay with Mike’s friends Bill & Nina (and their amazingly cute daughter Lily). On the way, we stopped at a Sobey’s to pick up some ingredients for dinner since we wanted to pitch in and help out a little.

So dark and lonely on the road.

I think it was around 8pm when we finally arrived at Bill and Nina’s. I felt immediately welcomed and met Nina’s mom, Uta, as well. Nina and Uta made Schnitzel, mashed potatoes, beans, stirfried mushrooms and onions. Mike and I made coconut basil tempura shrimp. Had a lovely dinner getting to know everyone before calling it a night shortly after.

A short post, but that marks the end of Day 1! 🙂

Photo #289: Wanted: NZT

December 13, 2012

If you haven’t watched the movie Limitless (with Bradley Cooper), that’s where NZT comes from. A nootrophic or ‘smart drug’ that makes you entirely awesome in every way. Low doses of that drug to help me with my studies would be amazing 😉 I think too much would just make me scary.

Photo #285: Iron in Water

December 09, 2012

One of my favourite places I visited in Halifax – Crystal Crescent Beach. Such lovely views and scenic trails! You can see a little stream (pond?) in this picture with dark brown water, apparently from high iron content. I thought the contrast of blue and brown water so close to each other was neat.