Noel, Noel, Noel!

Christmas festivities at my grandparents with the entire family!

Some of the goodies our family made:

We made butter ‘bark’ cookies

I made Hors d’Oeuvres (ricotta & spinach, potato & mushroom, 3 cheese & olive)

My mom made Nem Chua (pink – cured fermented pork) and Cha Lua (white – Vietnamese ham/cold meat)

My mom also made scalloped potatoes and my grandpa provided a turkey, cooked by Cau Hai’s family!

Canh Ga Chien – Crispy garlic chicken wings from Cau Hai’s family. And salad from Cau Ba’s family in the background.

Banh Mi Chien – Deep fried baguette toast with shrimp paste from Di Nam’s family

Goi Du Du – Papaya salad with beef jerky from Cau Tu’s family

Soo much food!

All the kids

With Di Nam and my mom!

There are way too many pictures of our grandparents reading cards and opening presents from all the kids to post, so here’s a few!

All the kids received wrapped boxes of chocolate from my grandparents and the adults received gifts from them as well.

We then played boardgames… for hours and hours. And ate another meal during boardgames… and played some more until everyone had to go home.

Christmas was a great day. The kids even had an ugly Christmas sweater themed photo shoot, but more on that later…



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