Past to present

Alright, I’m going to go back now and catch up on blogging about everything from my last (not including Photo of the Day) post on December 16th!

Actually, before I do that, I need to share a few pictures from November 19th! My Cau Ba (third uncle) is off work on Mondays and he made “Vit Nau Chao” (Duck in soy bean based hotpot) for lunch with my grandparents and I was invited to join. Yum yum yum, thanks Cau Ba!

Mike was up visiting Dec 18-20 and of course, we had to go to Perkins for breakfast one day! We were pretty greedy and ordered not only huge breakfasts, but sweet potato fries as well.

We also contemplated trying their ‘Cake Pies’ but decided to spare our bodies and left it at that. Dinner that night? Shawarma of course!

November 21st: Down came the snow!!

It didn’t fall as snowflakes, it fell in huge clumps!

After clearing out the driveway, my sister and I headed out to run errands. We ended up at a Rexall pharmacy where they were providing flu shots. Guess who’s vaccinated this year? You should go get yours too!

I made baked gnocchi for dinner that night… thought it turned out okay! 🙂


Please share your thoughts! :)

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