Fardella’s Classic Bakery & Internet Cafe

December 28, 2012

While in Kingston, Michael took me to a bakery his brother Matt had introduced him too – Fardella’s Classic Bakery & Internet Cafe.

I can imagine the Fardellas have turned their bakery into a home away from home for many customers – I know I would be one of them if I lived nearby. Friendly faces greet you as you come through the door, an enormous center table full of baked delights immediately draws you in and then you look around and instantly feel like you could come here everyday.

A cozy living room area lets you sit and watch TV, grandfather clocks and other decor make you feel like you’ve stepped into the comforts of home, and of course, there’s always wifi! As a student, I crave exactly this kind of establishment, but unfortunately, no such thing exists here in Brisbane. Did I mention it’s open 24/7? I know! Isn’t that awesome?

The way customers are served is unique and enticing as well. You can place your order for prepared food at the counter, then help yourself to drinks and pastries, pick up your order and then sit down and enjoy your meal. Once you’re done, just head to the cash to pay, and perhaps you’d like to pick up some fresh bread and jams, or even more pastries on the way out!

Michael and I both decided on fritters, I got apple and he got blueberry. Both were $1.90/each and the size of my face – for real. And more importantly, they were delicious!

I really wish I could’ve made many more visits in order to try everything on their menu – but alas, perhaps next year!

Fardella`s Classic Bakery & Internet Cafe on Urbanspoon


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