My last 2 weeks in a nutshell

I haven’t blogged much about being back in Australia, so now’s the time!

It has been hot, like REALLY HOT. So hot that I sit indoors, doing nothing, under a fan, and still sweat. I still have not completely unpacked yet because it’s too hot.

This comic, courtesy of Amin and Imgur perfectly depicts the last week or so:

On a more serious note, such extreme temperatures (on top of health-related risks) have sparked bushfires across Australia and claimed many homes. Keep the victims and the brave workers and volunteers in your thoughts!

We had a Year 3 orientation on Friday Jan 11, which got us excited to be starting the new year. We are expected to soon be able to perform at the level of junior doctors :S As scary as it sounds, how thrilling to finally reach this stage of our education!

Over the weekend, Mike and I saw Les Miserables. I thought it could’ve been great, but Russell Crowe ruined it! Every time he sang, I cringed. I simply don’t understand why he was cast for such an important character (Javert) when he cannot sing! Otherwise, bravo to many others for their performances. My favourites were Samantha Bark (Eponine), Isabelle Allen (young Cosette), and Aaron Tveit (Enjolras). Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway were very impressive in their roles as Jean Valjean and Fantine, respectively, as well. 🙂

On Monday Jan 14, we had our Rotation 1 orientation, which was Medicine in Society. Unfortunately, it was not very useful because everything that was said was already emailed to us last month.

We watched a palliative video called “A Good Death” that hit very close to home and was almost unbearable. Palliative care will become an inescapable aspect of our careers and many have never experienced it personally, it was definitely an important video to prepare our mindset for going into the hospital.

The afternoon Radiology tutorial, however, was lengthy and not high yield at all. The first part consisted of a radiology resource being monotonously read to us and the second part involved approximately 30 students trying to cram around one x-ray viewer in order read x-rays “systematically” (basic steps that should’ve, but weren’t reviewed).

Everybody starting to lose focus as the reading went on and on…

… including Michael and Yoni


This week should’ve been orientation week… but we received no other schedule. Unlike others starting with their Rural or Surgery rotation, we sat around all this week, but at least we had self-study time!

What else did we do?

Went to campus to get our loan documents completed. It’s so nice being on campus when the rest of the school is on vacation – so peaceful!

We also went grocery shopping. Michael has imaginary friends that sit far away and watch the groceries apparently.

Ate deeelicious olive hummus…

… and got fat.

Please share your thoughts! :)

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