Brisbane is going to flood, again

Hello family and friends back home… thought you might want to know what’s going on here!

Tornado warnings, crazy winds, torrential rains have been affecting Brisbane all weekend and now we are anticipating floods. Many towns in the state of Queensland are already affected by the rising water with evacuations in effect.

We’ve been indoors all weekend due to the insane weather and are now hearing of numerous friends losing power and surrounding areas starting to flood.

You can keep an eye on this link for updates:

In terms of Brisbane:

Brisbane River to peak about noon on Tuesday, and again at noon on Wednesday. Brisbane River flooding to affect about 3,600 homes and 1,250 businesses, compared with 12,500 homes and 2,500 businesses in 2011. Brisbane River expected to peak at 2.6 metres, compared to 4.46 metres in 2011.

Flood maps were just released and show Windsor (the suburb we live in) as one of the places expected to be worst hit, predicted to peak at midday on Tuesday and again on Wednesday. (LINK) 😦 We are a little worried since our house is located in that red circle. Fingers crossed!

Thinking of everyone and your safety!


2 thoughts on “Brisbane is going to flood, again

    • Sandra Nguy says:

      Thank you Tracy! The Brisbane River apparently peaked below predictions so less people were affected, which is good! Luckily, that meant the water didn’t reach us either!

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