Photo #365: Lovelies of 2D

February 27, 2013

The end of my Medicine in Society rotation is drawing near and I find myself back in the Fractured NOF Service to complete my project in creating a medical info brochure for the ward. Took a few staff pictures to include in the brochure, silly faces!

Photo #364: Swarm of Flies

February 26, 2013

Came home today to see a swarm of flies on one side of the driveway. Immediately thought, “Oh no, something died.” Sure enough, this poor skink 😦 I’ve only ever seen them twice in nature, once in my backyard 2 years ago and this one.

Photo #363: Filters

February 25, 2013

I didn’t take a photo today 😦 So here’s my first attempt playing with photo apps on my iPhone. I know many people hate the “Instagram look” but I think filters can make pictures look good – don’t you?