GP: Australia is full of NOPE!

I can’t remember how, but my GP preceptor and I started talking about… spiders.

Hurray… not. Spiders scare me ­čśŽ

But, as a doctor, it is important to be aware of them as you can have a patient walk in at any time with a spider bite.

According to my preceptor, there are 3 poisonous spiders in Australia to especially look out for:

The Redback spider. At least unlike the Black Widow, the markings are on its back and not on the belly so you can identify it easier!

The Australian Funnel web spider

The White-tailed spider 

Please don’t ever let me come across these personally…

More Australian NOPEs. These are all potentially fatal.

The Box Jellyfish – the most venomous marine animal known to mankind

The Blue-ringed octopus. Despite being the size of golf balls, their venom is powerful enough to kill humans – no antivenom is available.

The Cone snail – shoots poisonous harpoons at its victims… in any direction.

And we haven’t even touched on poisonous snakes and lizards yet… O_O

The good thing about these venomous creatures? So much research has been done and is being done to isolate compounds in the venom that can be used to produce medications that save lives. For example, ACE inhibitors (first line treatment for hypertension/high blood pressure) was first derived from the venom of the Brazilian pit viper.

Light and fluffy waffles at Gel├íre

Mike and I went to see the movie Oblivion with Yoni last weekend at South Bank Cineplex. The movie? Entertaining, although the storyline was not unlike many other ‘the world has been taken over’ movies.

Now on to something more important: WAFFLES

If you take your movie ticket to Geláre, just down the street, you get 50% off basic waffles (comes with whipped cream and syrup, other toppings extra).

It was way past lunch and we still hadn’t eaten, how could we say no? So off we went.


Friendly staff, happy to wait while we took our time deciding! We each settled for a large waffle with a scoop of ice cream – $7.50/each, a great price.

Mike and Yoni decided on White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle and I got Chocolate Overload – mmm!



The waffle was just the way I like them – piping hot, crisp on the outside, light and fluffy on the inside. Super tasty! Some people prefer harder, denser waffles like the ones served at Max Brenner. As much as I love Max Brenner, I really do think these waffles are better. Especially because they’re freshly made on the spot!

Many reviewers on Urbanspoon found the consistency of the ice cream (thick, elastic-like) to be off-putting. Yes, I agree the consistency of the ice cream is different to what I’m used to, but it was delicious! Rich and creamy, far from lacking in flavour.

I’ve also noticed from reviews that some people are under the impression Gelare is serving gelato (“ice milk products with a low cream content”) – No, that is not the case! If you bother to read the About page of their website, Gelare explains their ice cream in detail:

  • Real flavour and no artificial ingredients
  • Features a higher cream content than almost every other ice cream on the market.
  • While other ice creams contain as much as 50% air, Gel├íre is made with no air. (Explains the “gooey” texture)
  • Gel├íre is unique because it is much creamier and thicker than Italian ice cream. It is also much heavier, creamier and more intensely flavoured than American ice cream. Gel├íre is an improved “hybrid” ice cream combining and also exceeding the best qualities from both countries.


We all left super satisfied with full bellies – who would’ve thought it could be so filling! Would we come back? Most definitely, and soon too! ­čÖé

PS: You can get the same 50% off deal every Tuesday – without a movie ticket!

Geláre on Urbanspoon