Sandra & Sandor

One of our favourite places to study is at The Edge, right beside the State Library of Queensland.

Window bays overlooking the Brisbane River with comfy benches, free wifi, projectors, etc – everything you could possibly need for a good study session. Did I mention there’s also a little shop to buy drinks and snacks? What more do you need?

You can book a maximum of 2 sessions (2 hours each) per day. Laughed when we came in and saw this sign, thought someone couldn’t write my name down twice. Turns out, just a coincidence that a Sandor was using the bay after us!


Michael hard at work


Mike, Christine Q, and I had a good 4 hour study session. On the way out the bus stop, we realized Buddha Birth Day Birthday Festival (largest annual Buddhist Birth Day Festival in the world) was going on in South Bank and decided to drop by and have a look. We didn’t stay for long (too much studying to do!), decided to only browse the food kiosks. Lots of food being sold, although I was disappointed there wasn’t any “mon an chay” (vegetarian dishes) that are normally sold at pagodas during special occassions – oh well! 🙂