Played tennis for the first time!

Mike and I went to UQ to play tennis with Xuan and Kee Ping today! The weather was quite overcast and even rained in the morning but cleared by the time we hit the courts at 9am. The courts were a little wet but nothing a squeegee couldn’t handle!




My first time playing tennis – I was slightly dreading the experience, as sports have never been my forte. Although decent at badminton, I was at a complete loss when I first held a tennis racquet. It felt too large my hand and added an extension of length I was not familiar with.




Luckily for me, the boys were quick to give tips and were quite encouraging with shouts of, “Good one!” when I was able to return the ball. Xuan especially, was very encouraging (“Keep in it!” “Keep moving!” “Run!”) – thanks again! Apparently, I’m not too bad for a first timer, but I think they are just trying to make me feel better. 😉



Had a good workout, I’m sure I will be a little sore tomorrow!

Booking the court for 1.5 hours cost us around $21 with racquet rentals at $5/each. I enjoyed the experience and would be quick to play again, even invest in getting my own racquet because it would definitely be worth it!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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