FML: Huntsman spider in our house

We were enjoying a movie on the couch last night when all of the sudden Michael says, “Oh no…” and turns on the light.

Friggin huge huntsman spider decided to come in through the garage and call our place its home.



We tried to chase it back out into the garage but when it refused to return to where it came from and decided to run/crawl all over our house, we knew we had to destroy it. I know, it’s cruel, but there is NO WAY I would sleep at night knowing a giant spider was lurking around. Good thing we didn’t have to burn the house down!

By we, I mean solely Mike, while I sat there screaming and crying.

I was so sweaty when the ordeal was finally over. Oh my god, was my fight or flight response ever hyper activated!

Thanks for the reminders Amin, this WAS exactly what I was thinking:

Please share your thoughts! :)

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