Exploding seed pods!

These photos were taken so long ago, I can’t believe I haven’t posted them yet!

The pretty purple flower, Ruellia tuberosa, develop dry seed pods that explode on contact with water, in order to scatter their seeds.

Check out what happens in this video 😉 Michael was smothering his laugh in the background, which made me giggle uncontrollably… sorry!

I was first introduced to this years ago in Vietnam when my mom insisted we put a pod in our mouth and see what happens. Needless to say, the explosion totally caught us by surprise but left a lot of giggles. The popping doesn’t hurt you at all, just an unexpected and funny sensation. They’re lots of fun to play with and even funnier when you can trick someone else to put some in their mouth 😉

Let’s take a closer look…

Dry seed pods


Split pod after it had exploded with some seeds landing in the water.


What the seeds look like dry


Once sitting in water for a bit, you can see the fuzzy texture of the seeds.


And to end my random post, here is a picture of what the flowers look like in bloom 🙂

6 thoughts on “Exploding seed pods!

  1. Onim Dip says:

    I always wanted to know the name of it and now I know it, thank you so much ❤ now I have to go to the biology class to understand why it explodes, cause I wanna know the exact science behind it.. Love you so much. Thank you 😀 may God Bless You My Dear Sister ❤

  2. Sahar says:

    Wow!! I was searching for what’s this.. and your video was so informative and soecially the picture of flowers in the end.

  3. Simon says:

    I just found this in my bookmarks! Haven’t been here in a while. Good to see you still posting. Cool pods Sandra. Take care!

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