Medicine: Almost there!

Hello friends,

It feels like forever since I have blogged! It’s not that I don’t find my life exciting at the moment but that I always feel short for time 🙂

This is my second (of 8) week on my Medicine Rotation… The last rotation of third year, woo hoo! It has been great so far and a confirmation of why I love medicine. My partner this rotation is Adi and I think we both feeI quite lucky to be on our team. We have 2 consultants who are both great teachers, 2 interns who are super cool and appreciate our efforts in learning and helping out, and a (Canadian) registrar who seems to know everything… How could I complain?

Don’t let my positivity fool you though, medicine is a challenge. Especially after 2 months of surgery and 2 months of mental health… I feel like I have to relearn everything!

Medicine can be exhausting though, particular with many tutorials through out the week. Once we get home and have dinner, we always feel like doing nothing but going to bed early. But we can’t! Because there’s always so much to read up on and review!

Oh well, that is a part of life! At least we’re enjoying what we’re studying right?

I’m so glad it’s the long weekend, thanks Australian Labour Day! Now I have time to catch up on my studying.

However, I can’t get one of our patients off my mind…

An elderly gentleman who has severely deteriorated since being admitted a few days ago, and we haven’t been able to ascertain why. This lovely man with a particular love for Coke is now on palliative care and surrounded by his loving family. He’s not expected to live for much longer and I couldn’t help my teariness when we spoke to the family. I also couldn’t help it but the situation really made me think of my dad… 😦

No matter how prepared and knowledgeable you are… Death is never easy to deal with. In this case, especially because that person has made such an impression on me in so little time… 😦

Please share your thoughts! :)

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