Childhood Delights

I’m not sure how I got thinking about this today, but remember the days before internet and where not every household had a gaming console?

I do. Because back then I had the privilege of playing computer games instead! Gosh, they were just as addicting to video games and I still remember them to this day. 😛 Of course, how could I forget? They sort of shaped my childhood!

These were my favourites, what were yours?

Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure

Crystal Caves

And of course, Duke Nukem!


2 thoughts on “Childhood Delights

  1. Nicholas Conley says:

    Oh wow, I loved all three of those games! Apogee was the best, absolutely. As far as those old 2D platformers go, I also have a soft spot for Secret Agent, Clyde’s Revenge and (of course) all of the Commander Keen games.

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