Christmas Eve Traditions

December 24, 2014

For a few years now, since my dad passed away, our family has spent Christmas Eve with my grandparents. My mom usually has a turkey roasting in the oven during the day, we prepare side dishes, and after evening mass at church, we haul all the food over and enjoy a full turkey dinner at our grandparents’.

And this year was no different!

The turkey and some of the food



My mom always makes extra stuffing on the side, with walnuts and cranberries, mmm.


Buttering up some rolls!


Perhaps my love for photography takes after my grandpa, who you will find always snapping photos at every opportunity, documenting moments with family to revisit time after time.


Carving the turkey


Family pictures!



Having a first taste of the lime and banana liqueur my grandpa made. This was a recipe from his sister in Vietnam, where my mom and I had the opportunity to try some last year!


Beautiful colour and clarity. Great flavour and not too sweet, yum!


The other tradition we’ve developed is to take family photos on Christmas Eve.

Here are this year’s photos!

My sister with her turtle, Franklin.


The ‘proper’ photo


And what usually happens when we take family photos


Happy New Year… of the Horse!




Franklin kept trying to escape from me.


But would always lie perfectly still for my sister!


Whether your Christmas Eve was festive or simple and relaxing, I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed it!

Laptop fixed, blog updates to come!

(Written in the air yesterday)

Hello friends!

The good news is, I have a working laptop again! The bad news is, I wasn’t able to save anything on my previous hard drive, which simply died on me. But that’s okay, I have back up copies of many files and it’s not the end of the world that I lost some of the others.

I was already behind on my blogging during the holiday season because I’m a very important person with many things to do I was busy and also lazy. And when my computer died, I felt like I hadn’t blogged for ages!

I’m currently in the air with Michael, on our way back to Brisbane. Going to try and spend a few hours writing up all my blog posts so I can post them when I have internet again! Thanks for reading, stay tuned!