Valentine’s Day dinner

February 14, 2014

Although completely consumed with studying, we did put time aside for ourselves to celebrate Valentine’s Day. A slightly silly holiday, as you should be celebrating your love everyday, it was still nice to do something a little more special than usual.

I decided on getting ‘us‘ a ‘gift‘ – case of 12 bottles of wine, yay! I personally picked a mix of reds, whites, and sparkling – which we will be enjoying (hopefully if all my choices are good) throughout the next months!

Flowers, a card, and a delicious home cooked meal from Mike. We also cracked the first bottle of wine, a Kooks Shiraz 2012, given the stamp of approval from the both of us.



Glazed beef tenderloin with walnut mash and grilled veggies. The walnut flavour was great and the beef so tender, so yum! Thank you dear!


You can clearly see how tired and tired we are in this photo. 😛


Someone might think, “Why not roses?” Because lilies are my favourite, they are large and beautiful, will bloom over days, and leave your house smelling amazing!


Happy Valentine’s Day! What did you do to celebrate?