Melbourne: Markets, Boats, & Books

Saturday, March 1, 2014

With the MCCEE behind him and after 24 hours of crummy viral gastroenteritis, Michael was luckily feeling much better. Finally going out to see Melbourne!

Started the day with some coffee before hitting Queen Victoria Market. Hey handsome 🙂


The market was very large with a lot of produce and products, however, we both found it lacking in character.



One of our favourite markets is Eumundi Market and we were hoping it would be more along that vibe. We weren’t interested in shopping, so I’m sure there are many people who would like this market a lot more than we did. It would also be a different story if we lived in Melbourne, because we’d definitely buy our fruits and vegetables from here.



However, we enjoy markets for their sights and smells, especially for the food. There were a few shops within the market and a small food court off the main market. We ended up enjoying some dutch pancakes for late breakfast ($9.50, a little pricey). Didn’t eat much because planning on having lunch soon!


Would we visit Queen Victoria Market again? Don’t think so, only if it was to buy groceries!

We then hopped on the free tram and headed down to Melbourne Docklands to walk along the marina and check out the surroundings.



A lot of development going on in the area, I particularly liked the purple windows of these new buildings.


Wouldn’t it be nice to own a yacht? 😛


It was morning so many of the restaurants weren’t opened yet, but would definitely love to come back down here during the evening and have a meal by the water!


Melbourne Star Observation Wheel just a few minutes away


We were soon back on the free tram and headed back into the CBD. Our next stop was the State Library of Victoria, we loved it!

What a great atmosphere. People hanging out. Red beanbags scattered across the lawn.


The architecture was beautiful, I would study so hard in a library like this.





The facilities were great. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a library packed with people of all ages – studying, browsing, hanging out, on the computer, etc. There’s even a chess room!


There were also a number of galleries to check out. And the best part? Free for everyone!




Aaand time for a lunch break! Read about it in my next post, thanks for visiting!


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