Melbourne: Last few sights

Sunday, March 02, 2014

After an amazing and extremely filling lunch at Kororo Ramen, Michael and I walked some more in order to check out a few last night minute sights before heading to the airport.

“The Royal Society of Victoria Centenary Monument 1859-1959. This glacial boulder brought from Mawson, Antarctica… has been set up to commemorate the completion of one hundred years of endeavour by the society in its work for the advancement of science, and to mark its special interest in Antarctic exploration and research.”

In other words, we have touched Antarctica!


Royal Exhibition Building


And the back of it



Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to take a tour of the building. Next door was also the Melbourne Museum, which we also couldn’t visit – next time!

Haha, Porsche parked on the grass in front of of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons.


And our last stop of the day, the Parliament of Victoria.



Unfortunately, it was already closed to the public by the time we arrived so we simply sat on the steps and enjoyed the passing views.


And that’s it friends! The last of our Melbourne adventures. After this, we walked back to our apartment to pick up our luggage, hopped on a tram to Southern Cross Station to grab the SkyBus ($30 return) back to the airport!

Had quite a bit of time at the airport so I did get some studying done. Flight home was uneventful and grabbed a cab home from Brisbane Airport.

What a great trip! Melbourne is definitely a city we’d love to come back and visit again when the opportunity arises.

Please share your thoughts! :)

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