JC Wang – Talented busker from Taiwan

This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to share with you a talented artist I met in Brisbane months ago. Her name is JC Wang, from Taiwan, and she busks in the CBD – click HERE to check out her Facebook page and HERE to check out her Instagram.



She uses water colours and specializes in beautiful portraits, bringing out one’s most beautiful features in a colourful splash.


I happened to walk by her set up in Queen Street Mall a few months ago. Like many passersby, I paused to admire her completed portraits on display. After seeing the simplistic resemblance captured in all her subjects, I decided to commission her for 2 pieces to give away as gifts.

A close up of one of the completed paintings – my grandparents! Given to them as a gift during their 60th Wedding Anniversary celebrations!


JC holding up both my pieces, the other is, if you can’t tell of Mike and I. A birthday gift to him earlier this year. We are planning on getting it framed and displayed once we move into our new place in a few months 🙂


Thanks JC for the 2 beautiful works of art!

Stop by to say hello and check out her work if you’re in the city! She is super friendly and creates portraits of different sizes and prices – something for everyone 🙂

Please share your thoughts! :)

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