SIN/KL 2014: Singapore Zoo & River Safari

November 30, 2014

After breakfast at the hotel, we hopped on a bus and headed for Singapore Zoo. It would be the first of the 3 parks we chose to visit as part of our 3-in-1 Park Hopper ticket for $89.

As usual, it was hot but the weather was quite bearable. We spent a few hours checking out all the different animals and actually covered the whole zoo, except for Kidzworld. You can click HERE to look at a map of the zoo.

Here are only some of the animals we saw… some of which I’ve posted a couple times already from our previous visits… but they’re so cute!

Since our first visit to Singaore Zoo, Mike’s favourite animal has been the Lesser Mouse Deer, seen here.


This time, we saw the Greater Mouse Deer for the first time and now Michael has changed his mind. The Greater one doesn’t look as frail and sickly 😛


Playful Asian Otter


Huge flying foxes



Babirusa with tusks/upper canines that penetrate through its face. If they don’t grind their husks, through regular activity, they can continue to grow and penetrate their skull!


My mom had a lot of additional fun checking out the different flora at the zoo. We often poke fun of her for taking so many photos of trees!


We saw some Red River Hogs for the first time… my conclusion is they are the ugliest friendly looking creatures I’ve ever met.



Another first for us, Tree-kangaroos! They are pretty cute. Can you believe in our 4 years of living in Australia, we have never heard of this marsupial? Apparently they are quite slow on the ground, clumsy and walk awkwardly at a human’s pace. In the trees, however, they are agile climbers and leapers.


Some Hamadryas Baboons. There are quite of a few of these in the Great Rift Valley of Ethiopia and it is such fun watching the interaction in their troops. Grooming, little ones being taken care of by older baboons and fights breaking out between the males are a common sight.



Big butt tumour


Mongoose looking very serious


Celebes Crested Macaque. I always find these apes always look so proper and elegant, you?


Capuchins have tails that can be as long as their bodies and are considered to be the most intelligent New World Monkey. They are often used in laboratories and noted for their long term use of tools, one of the few primates aside from apes to do so.


Asian elephants


My love at the zoo!


There are only 2 species of orangutans, exclusively Asian and are native to Indonesia and Malaysia, and currently found only in the rainforests of Borneo and Sumatra.

A Bornean orangutan hoarding food and climbing tree tops.


Some Sumatran orangutans pigging out and looking pensive.




A Sun Bear hiding behind a tree and being silly


I’ve never seen these before, White Faced Saki, they have such thick luscious hair!


The female White Faced Saki has shorter brown/grey fur with pale stripes around the corners of its nose and mouth. This one even had a little one!


Red Lories playing… or maybe being bullied


A lion enjoying the sunshine


The cute meerkats!



After the Singapore Zoo, we took a break and had some lunch. The most expensive (although good) nasi lemak we’ve ever had in Singapore, coming in at $9.90! That’s what you get for eating at an attraction!


We then moved on to the second park – River Safari, a completely separate enclosure next door to the Singapore Zoo. The River Safari is more guided, one continuous pathway to follow as you can see HERE on the map.


We started with Rivers of the World, travelling through and seeing animals from all the major rivers including: Congo, Mekong, Nile, Mississippi, Gangee, and Yangtze. Some very interesting fish and amphibians!

Two of the prettier fish I photographed, unfortunately can’t remember names!



My favourite exhibit – the Red Pandas! They are so cute but can be very active, making it very hard to get these photos!





Great pandas! Both Kai Kai and Jia Jia were super shy today, hard to get pictures!


FYI, there are a number of animals you can only see (giant anteaters, capybaras, jaguars, etc) if you go on the Amazon River Quest ride, which we didn’t do.

Lastly, we stopped in the Amazon Flooded Forest where we sat and peacefully watched manatees, freshwater stingrays and other creatures gracefully swim…




Until next time!


Please share your thoughts! :)

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