Abigail’s Baptism

December 14, 2014

A special day for a very special girl.

Abigail was baptised on December 14, 2014 at St John’s Cathedral surrounded by her family. Baptised alongside a few other young children, the ceremony was performed by The Very Reverend Dr Peter Catt (Dean of Brisbane), The Reverend Dr Ann Solari, and The Reverend Canon Dr Nigel Leaves.



Michael and I were incredibly honoured when Kristen and Matt asked us to be Abigail’s godparents. We were thrilled to accept… to love her, guide her, and be a part of her life. Just a little sad that we are now living in Rockhampton so not able to see and spend time with the Gibson family as often!


Abigail was dressed in a super cute white dress with her hair clipped back. Shoes eventually became non-mandatory as she was more comfortable barefoot.


With a love for water, Abigail waited as patiently as she could to be baptised…


But see how incredibly happy she was to be blessed!




She even made the congregation chuckle as she found a friend with a similar interest in water


Unfortunately, our camera died so we don’t have many photos to share!

Happy and proud parents!



Bright outside, and hungry!




Abigail’s baptism was followed by lunch with Matt and Kristen’s families, as well as Christine and her mom, at Il Centro.


Tried their infamous sand crab lasagne with creamed crustacean sauce – so rich and delicious!


And also enjoyed the potato gnocchiette with seared scallops and roasted chestnuts – yum!


It was also really nice to meet and spend time with both sides of their family 🙂 Thank you so much Matt and Kristen for not only letting us be a part of Abigail’s special day, but also her life!

Fam in Brisbane: Beach getaway at The Sanctuary

December 06-13, 2014

The day my mom, Mike and I got back from our Singapore/Malaysia trip coincided with the arrival of Mike’s family to Brisbane.

For a week of relaxation and to spend time together, we booked a holiday home at Noosa (Sunshine Coast). The house was large, beautiful, and comfortable. Tucked away giving privacy and tranquility.







Spacious kitchen, even a deck and BBQ.




The only downfall? The Sanctuary is located on Upper Hastings Drive (not mentioned in the listing) which required a hike up 200 steep stairs. Good exercise for Michael and I, but a little difficult to enjoy for the rest of our group.


The view was nice though!



We spent every day at the beach, often with a 6am morning swim before breakfast.




My mom was amazing. She marinated numerous types of Vietnamese meats and we had delicious BBQs almost every night. We also did go out for a few meals, including this cozy and yummy breakfast at Gaston!




My mom showing us one of the activities she enjoyed as a kid – making butterflies from flowers


Sunshine, the ocean, good food, board games, catching up on books, talks and laughs… vacation always seems to pass too quickly!

SIN/KL 2014: The remainder of our trip

Dec 03-05, 2015

As many bloggers would agree, a lot of time and effort goes into writing our posts. For me, the process often starts by first sorting, choosing, and editing (limitedly, because I don’t really have editing skills) which photos to share. Next, I sit and often spend hours drafting my story with lots of fact checking to accompany the photos I’ve taken. This is especially true of my travel posts. Not only do I want to want to (accurately) share my adventures, but they are also a record for me to look back on. In a few years, I might not remember the name of a certain restaurant I ate at or the significance of a certain monument I visited. The hours I spend writing the posts are an investment in order to look back on my memories in the future.

Imagine the frustration when a post you spent so much time writing is lost and you can’t recover it.

That’s exactly what happened over 2 months ago when I was trying play catch up on my posts of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia, and lost a draft I had spent a significant amount of time on.

Although it has happened numerous times in the past, I was so fed up I couldn’t even think about blogging for days. And then things got hectic and I continued putting blogging aside. I’ve always had a personal rule to blog chronologically, even if I was behind. To me, it simply made sense to write down your stories in order of occurrence.

But now, I have decided to change my own rules. I will write whatever I want, in whatever order I want, whenever I want 🙂

So… I will revisit the remainder of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia in the future when I feel like it and share them with you more extensively then.

For now, please feel free to take a look at my photo album of our Singapore & Malaysia trip HERE

Thanks for reading and until next time!

I’m back!

Hello friends,

It’s hard for me to believe that it has already been over 2 months since my last post. And even that one was written one month retrospectively! Sandra and the Works has never experienced such a long absence!

In addition to being extremely busy these past few months, the recent changes in my life have made me think long and hard about continuing my blog. Should I continue writing and if so, what should I write about and how should I share it?

I have now decided that I definitely want to continue blogging. It was a hobby I enjoyed immensely for the past five years… why should I stop now?

There have been a number of exciting and fun events that have happened since my last post for Dec 02, 2014 – that I really can’t wait to get back to sharing with you!

Stay tuned!