SIN/KL 2014: The remainder of our trip

Dec 03-05, 2015

As many bloggers would agree, a lot of time and effort goes into writing our posts. For me, the process often starts by first sorting, choosing, and editing (limitedly, because I don’t really have editing skills) which photos to share. Next, I sit and often spend hours drafting my story with lots of fact checking to accompany the photos I’ve taken. This is especially true of my travel posts. Not only do I want to want to (accurately) share my adventures, but they are also a record for me to look back on. In a few years, I might not remember the name of a certain restaurant I ate at or the significance of a certain monument I visited. The hours I spend writing the posts are an investment in order to look back on my memories in the future.

Imagine the frustration when a post you spent so much time writing is lost and you can’t recover it.

That’s exactly what happened over 2 months ago when I was trying play catch up on my posts of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia, and lost a draft I had spent a significant amount of time on.

Although it has happened numerous times in the past, I was so fed up I couldn’t even think about blogging for days. And then things got hectic and I continued putting blogging aside. I’ve always had a personal rule to blog chronologically, even if I was behind. To me, it simply made sense to write down your stories in order of occurrence.

But now, I have decided to change my own rules. I will write whatever I want, in whatever order I want, whenever I want 🙂

So… I will revisit the remainder of our trip to Singapore and Malaysia in the future when I feel like it and share them with you more extensively then.

For now, please feel free to take a look at my photo album of our Singapore & Malaysia trip HERE

Thanks for reading and until next time!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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