Thai Tanee – Great Thai in Rocky

We love Thai food. And we were very grateful to hear that there was a great Thai restaurant in Rockhampton. We were even happier to feel the same way after trying it once ourselves… then a few more times after that. 😛 You see where this is going don’t you?

Thai Tanee definitely has some of the best Thai cuisine we’ve enjoyed. If you’re in Rocky wondering what to have for dinner, definitely head over and check out Thai Tanee!

The restaurant is spacious and adorned with Thai decor, with plenty of room for small and large groups.



Always promptly greeted at the door by the staff and shown to a table. The service is always friendly with frequent checks to make sure we are enjoying the food and have everything we need.

Love the gold bamboo cutlery! Also noticed the traditional layout/use of spoon and fork – spoon in your right hand to bring food to your mouth, fork in your left hand to cut/push food onto your spoon. No chopsticks, but available if you ask!


We have had the pleasure of tasting many of their entrees, including:

Thai Spring Rolls – large, not greasy, and filled with minced beef, clear noodles and veggies. Love having these piping hot.


Chicken Satay ($10) – tender, moist, nicely flavoured and even better with the accompanying satay sauce and cucumber salad.


They also have the most delightful Curry Puffs ($9) – easily our favourite entree on the menu. Their Chicken Toast and Golden Triangles ($9) are good as well, but lacks the flavour punch of the entrees previously mentioned.

The main dishes are a decent portion for one person, but even better when shared because… variety!


Pad Thai ($15) – one of our favourite dishes. This stir fried rice noodle dish might be soggy on a bad day (too much sauce) but the flavour is always on point.


Pad See Ew ($15) – it’s always a toss up between this dish and Pad Thai. Love the sweetness and wok-flavour in this one!


Thai Fried Rice ($15) – can’t go wrong!


We’ve tried 2 of their soups. Tom Yum ($9)


…as well as Tom Kha Gai ($9). Both decent, but not as flavourful as we’ve had in the past. Too many other good dishes on the menu, we wouldn’t be quick to order the soups again.

Curries are our favourite. Green Curry ($18) is our favourite hot one – coconut milk based and full of flavour!


Our favourite mild curry is the Massaman Beef ($18) – beef is so tender it literally falls apart and the peanuts provide a great contrast in texture and flavour. Reminds me a lot of a Viet dish called ‘Bo Kho’

Definitely try the Thai Iced Tea or Iced Coffee! Can be rich with the added condensed/evaporated milk. My favourite is the Thai Iced Lemon Tea – no milk and very refreshing! Beers and wines are reasonably priced as well.

Stuck without dinner ideas? Definitely recommend dining at Thai Tanee! If you have a group of 6 or more people, consider trying one of the banquet options. $30-35 per person for a set menu that allows you to try a variety of popular dishes and leaves you stuffed!

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Please share your thoughts! :)

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