Memories in Gladstone

I mentioned in an earlier post that Michael and I spent 10 weeks in Gladstone, about 1.5 hours from Rockhampton.


It was somewhat difficult for a number of reasons:

  • We didn’t know anyone initially, except for Jess (another one of us interns, who was in Surgery)
    • While I worked in Emergency and Michael worked in General Medicine, both departments were understaffed and it was always incredibly busy
  • It was really nice that accommodation was provided, but it just wasn’t home.
  • I was rostered alternating weeks of day and evening shifts. As a result, every second week Michael and I would go for days not seeing or spending time with each other.
  • No internet. Too much money was spent on mobile data.

With that being said, there were some lovely aspects of Gladstone, especially the people we worked with! Some really great and incredibly knowledgeable mentors that we hope to stay in touch with.

We didn’t eat out much but there were a few gems including Lightbox and Salt Rock – I’ll share more in separate blog posts!

Also, can’t forget Coffee Club for it’s free unlimited internet and perks of being a VIP member. What perks you say? Buy one hot drink, get one free – every day! Also, 10% off food Monday-Wednesday. The cost? Only $25/year!

The Coffee Club in Gladstone is super spacious with plenty of seating. We’ve popped in at all hours of the day and never had an issue getting a table.


And, if you can’t decide on a dish, the chicken schnitzel is always a good option!


Only a 5 minute walk away from our accommodation was The East Shores, a precinct that “spans along Flinders Parade and includes a water play park, waterfront boardwalk incorporating a viewing platform, barbecues and an abundance of green, open space to play.”

A breath of fresh air! A nice walk, lovely views, and so family friendly! Not pictured are the extensive playgrounds/water spouts for the kids!




Photo at the park courtesy of Jin – thank you again!


Gladstone also has its own gardens… Tondoon Botanic Gardens! An incredibly serene visit if you’re looking for some peace and quiet! There is also a restaurant to visit in Tondoon called Savour the Flavour, which I will also write about in a separate post.




My handsome fiance 🙂


There is even a Japanese Garden in Tondoon!



Just sitting around enjoying each other’s company in the garden


We worked hard and didn’t go on as many Gladstone-adventures as we probably should have (because we were always going back to Rocky for the weekend) but the few adventures we did have left fond memories! 🙂 Thanks Gladstone, maybe see you again in the future!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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