Capricorn Food & Wine Festival 2015

The Capricorn Food & Wine Festival 2015 took place over September 18-20th against the backdrop of the Fitzroy River in Rockhampton. A 3 day, fun-(celebrity chef)-filled weekend with activities such as the Candlelit Gala Dinner, Fitzroy Food Court, Wine Pavillon, Bundaberg Distillatorium, High Tea, etc!

With the way our schedules worked, we were able to take part in the Friday evening festivities. Unfortunately, Michael was working Friday-Sunday and couldn’t come along!


There was a $10 entrance fee, which included a lovely etched wine glass. With said wine glass, you can visit the Wine Pavillon at your leisure for wine tastings. And for any wine that tickles your fancy, drink tickets can be purchased for $2.50 each. Most glasses of wine cost 2 drink tickets.



The purpose of our visit is, of course, to eat and drink! Numerous food stalls made up the Fitzroy Food Court – yum! “Sample a great range of gourmet food stalls, local produce, cheese platters, pastries, nibbles and more. Shop a range of home and kitchen wares, gourmet food to take home and enjoy”

Many food stalls to choose from, sweet to savoury, catering for all tastes!

We enjoyed a number of dishes including savoury deep fried flat bread from Hungarian Langos and refreshing iced teas from Too Teaz.


We also had this great combo platter from The Smokin’ Yak which included beef ribs, pulled pork, sausage and the collective favourite – Brahman hump – all with a side of drippings, coleslaw, mashed potatoes and homemade pickled cucumber and onions… delicious!


Great night out with friends! So many laughs.


The above was a shot taken while we were reminiscing the best of all ‘Cinnamon Challenge’ videos… this one 😛 No explanation needed.

The event was immensely popular as you can see! Packed with people enjoying themselves 🙂


Jess and Jin looking at some photos


The cute Kon & Amanda! 🙂


Definitely looking forward to the Food & Wine festival next year! Hopefully our work schedules will allow us to experience more activities – until next time!

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