Adelaide: Day 1 – The Lewingtons & Adelaide Night Noodle Markets

September 26, 2015

With a bit of help from our lovely colleagues, both Michael and I were able to swap some shifts to have 5-6 days off together.

Mike’s best friend, Matt, his wife Laura, and their daughter Isabelle had recently moved to Adelaide to live and work for the year. As promised, we were able to find some time for a short visit!

We left on Saturday morning from Rockhampton to Brisbane to Adelaide. Perks of being a Qantas Club Member – priority check in and lounge access… which means food if you’re hungry! 😉 And a comfortable place to hang out during your layovers!


I wish we had more time in Brisbane to see some friends and visit some of our favourite restaurants, but maybe next time!

We landed in Adelaide around 6pm – thank you to the Lewingtons for picking us up and being such wonderful friends and hosts during our stay!

Our visit in Adelaide started with the well timed Adelaide Noodle Markets, in association with OzAsia Festival (Sept 24 – Oct 4) where the city’s Festival Centre precinct was transformed to an Asian hawker-style market. Loved it.


After being in Rockhampton for a long while, so good to see such a gathering of good Asian food! You can click HERE to see a map of all the vendors and the dishes they offered!


Best buddies reunited!


Isabelle being very independent, as usual! 🙂


The Lewingtons! Plus Baby #2 in Laura’s belly!


We enjoyed a number of tasty dishes including:

  • BBQ pork buns from Let’s Do Yum Cha
  • Chili Crab Bao from Baotime
  • Gyoza (Japanese dumplings) from Zagyoza – The Home of Gyoza
  • Vegetarian samosas and pad se-iew from SpanThai
  • Banana fritters with ice cream from Shallot Thai

Would have loved to enjoy more delicious Asian food for days! 😉

Ended the night catching up with Matt and Laura. We even got to be happy taste testers for Laura who made her first, quite successful, pavlova! Topped with custard, whipped cream, and fruit – yum!


Birthday dinner at Tsuruya

September 22, 2015

Celebrating Michael’s 36th birthday with a special night out! After much anticipation, we drove down to Capricorn Resort Yeppoon for our 6:30pm dinner reservation at Tsuruya Japanese Restaurant.

From their website:

Indulge yourself in the authentic, personalised interactive table cooking and tradition of the exquisite and delicate flavours of Japanese cuisine. Tsuruya also features a Sushi Bar for made to order sushi rolls and the freshest local seafood sashimi prepared right in front of your eyes.

We were greeted at the entrance on arrival and shown to our table. Happy to find that they had given us a table in a corner by the window, a little quieter and more private. The female servers were dressed in nice kimonos which added to the ambiance of the restaurant.

How cute are the place settings? The kimono napkins were a nice touch!


The birthday boy!


Didn’t expect the restaurant to be very busy on a Tuesday night during down season, but surprisingly it was! Lots of families with young children throughout the evening.



Chef at the sushi bar, keeping an eye out on his guests 😛


After perusing the menu, we finally decided on some sets.

Michael chose Sushi (C) Course ($69.50) which included the following:

  • Appetiser
  • Dobin Mushi
  • Steak ‘Japanese style’
  • Assorted Sushi

I decided on Sushi (B) Course ($59.50) which included the following:

  • Appetiser
  • Ebi Shinjoh Age
  • Dobin Mushi
  • Chawan Mushi
  • Yakitori
  • Assorted Sushi

Our appetiser Gyu Sashimi – Raw beef thinly sliced and served cold with a vinegar flavoured soy. We had never had anything like this before, very refreshing taste!


With the above appetiser, I also received my Ebi Shinjoh Age – Deep fried prawn & fish cake. Nice that there were 2 pieces so I could could share one with Mike! A little on the dark side from frying but good flavours and a nice chewy texture.


Sitting by the window, we saw a kangaroo come by for a graze on the lawn!


Our next course – soups!


Both Michael and I received Dobin Mushi – Seafood, chicken and mushrooms in a clear soup served in a traditional Japanese pot. Absolutely loved the presentation. Served in a teapot, we were instructed to add a bit of lemon juice and pour the broth into the teacup to slowly enjoy. The broth was clear and so incredibly intense in flavour! Also lovely to eat all the morsels of seafood at the bottom of your pot as well.


My set came with a second soup – Chawan Mushi – seafood, chicken and vegetables cooked in a hot savory egg custard. Extremely delicate, silky and delicious, never had anything like it!


Onto our meat dishes!

For me, Yakitori – pieces of chicken and onion on bamboo skewers with homemade BBQ sauce. Chicken was super tender and well flavoured. Loved this! Again, the portion was large enough to share with Michael, which was nice!


Michael’s steak came with a hot stone that allowed him to further cook the steak at his seat, it also came with a light dipping sauce. The steak was tender but served a little overcooked (to his liking) since you’re supposed to cook it more, and a little under seasoned, even with the dipping sauce.


And finally, our assorted sushi box! Beautifully presented with a mix of scallop, prawn, eel, and fish – with a side of ginger and wasabi. We have heard raves of how fresh the fish is at Tsuruya, but unfortunately for us, we didn’t find the same that night. Some pieces were better than others, but certainly not the buttery textures we were expecting!


Overall a lovely night out for the birthday boy with some incredibly tasty food! (Except for the sushi unfortunately…) Also great value for money and we look forward to coming back to try the lunch menu 🙂