Adelaide: Day 2 -Dinner at Samurai Teppanyaki House

September 27, 2015

Hungry… Matt, Mike and I were driving down The Parade looking for an inviting establishment for dinner.

Michael spotted the word Samurai and that was all it took to find parking and walk back to the restaurant.

Samurai Teppanyaki House is a tiny establishment with novel decor that serves… you know it, teppanyaki.

Deprived of good Japanese food all year, seeing the chef at work, and watching the patrons happily enjoying their food, it didn’t take much convincing for us to ask to be seated.

The staff apologised that they didn’t have seating for 3 at the grill so we could have a better view of the chef at work. We said it was not a problem and actually didn’t mind sitting at a window table. And, as you can see, we still had a good view!


For those who aren’t familiar with teppenyaki – it is Japanese cuisine cooked on an iron griddle. Teppan = iron plate and yaki = grilled/panfried. As the grills are often an open space, you can watch the chef prepare your dishes in front of you.

The menu was small, simple, and tantalizing. But yes, it was also pricey. I would not suggest visiting this restaurant unless you were prepared to spend $50+.


It took a while to make up our minds because everything sounded delicious, but we did eventually.


All 3 of us decided on a Teppanyaki set which includes: miso soup, coleslaw salad, 3 protein dishes, grilled vegetables, garlic fried rice, and ice cream. Yum!

Both the miso soup and coleslaw salad were refreshing!


Michael chose Bugs Teppanyaki set – Moreton Bay Bugs with wasabi aoili, Aussie calamari with spicy BBQ sauce, and lamb backstrap with black pepper ($57).

The calamari serving was generous and grilled perfectly – leaving it tender and not chewy.


Our first time trying Moreton Bay Bugs. Delicious, somewhat similar to lobster, but mildly disappointed that they have so little flesh!


Lamb backstrap cooked medium rare as he likes it!


I chose the No. 1 Teppanyaki set – Atlantic Salmon with citrus ponzu sauce, Aussie prawn with garlic coriander, and beef tenderloin with garlic peppercorn ($43). Unfortunately, they didn’t have beef tenderloin so I exchanged with duck breast with plum sauce (+$14). To be honest, I felt that if they didn’t have a component offered on the menu, another option should be offered at no extra cost, but I didn’t say anything about it at the time.

Salmon was not overcooked paired with a subtle ponzu sauce leaving the dish well balanced.


Only 3 prawns but they were large, fresh, and bouncy! Also well seasoned and cooked too.


My portion of duck was larger than anticipated (yay) with crispy skin, however, I do wish the fat was more rendered!


Matt made his own set as he is vegetarian choosing Hervey Bay Scallops, Atlantic salmon, and Aussie Calamari ($41).

His scallops were good but lack the nice grilled/fried colour many like to see.


Can’t forget our fried rice and grilled veggies – it was delish!


We finished our night with some green tea and black sesame ice cream – which we haven’t had in almost a year!

An unexpected but delicious and satisfying dinner out in Adelaide which partly satisfied our Japanese cuisine craving! Would definitely recommend a visit to our friends, for the service, atmosphere and food. 🙂

Samurai Teppanyaki House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Adelaide: Day 2 – Mount Lofty & Moon Lantern Festival

September 27, 2015

After a fun and indulging day in McLaren Vale, Matt drove us up to Mount Lofty for a view of Adelaide from a different perspective.

Mount Lofty is approximately 15km east of downtown, where there is a 4km uphill trek to the summit and is one of Adelaide’s most popular exercise circuits – of course, we drove.

Beautiful panoramic views greeted us, followed by a gorgeous sunset over Gulf St Vincent.



A popular tourist destination, many people had the same idea as us


The golden rays of sunset reminded me of autumn colours back home… almost.



Worth the wait, look at this amazing sunset! And if you look close enough, you will see the silhouette of a plane just taking off!


Beautiful just watching the sun go down…




We didn’t stick around for long after the sunset as Laura and Isabelle were waiting for us. The moon was already high in the sky by the time we started heading back to the car!



Visit up Mount Lofty reminded us of Mt Archer in Rockhampton… not nearly the same views though! 😉

We went home to pick Laura and Isabelle up to head into the city and partake in the Moon Lantern Festival – I had not expected to be celebrating Autumn Festival this year so it was a pleasant surprise!

By the time we made it to Elder Park, it was packed with people. Luckily, we were able to grab a spot on the grass while Matt parked the car to enjoy the start of Australia’s largest lantern parade.


The featured lantern, “the Hong Kong Dragon,” is the largest lantern created for a moon lantern festival.



A view of the Adelaide Oval across the river


There were tons of lanterns, including those from participating South Australian schools and community organisations – neat to see them all!


The Moon Lantern Festival ended with a fireworks show over the River Torrens which everyone enjoyed!



Slightly chilly, but fun night out!


And of course, joining the throngs of people escaping!



It was late by the time we left the festival. We dropped Laura and Isabelle home first to rest and get ready for bed. The boys and I headed back out in search of some dinner! The hope was to enjoy a cuisine not easily found (if at all) in Rockhampton.

Stay tuned for the next post!


September 27, 2015

Day 2 in Adelaide was full of awesome firsts!

We started the day with breakfast with Matt, Laura, and Isabelle before heading out to Pete’s house and meeting his wife Chrissy and their 3 children. We also met another one of Matt’s colleagues, Chi, his wife Joan and their 2 children (plus grandparents)!

Thank you to Matt’s lovely colleagues and families for welcoming us and including us in their day out to McLaren Vale!

Only approximately 35km south of Adelaide, the drive out went by quick! We also passed by John (another one of Matt’s colleagues) and his family on the road, who would also be joining us for the day.


Isabelle and I mastering selfies during the drive 🙂



The McLaren Vale region is known for its dry red wines, which meant our lucky day! We were very thankful that Chrissy had organised the day so well. McLaren Vale would take days to weeks to properly tour and we really enjoyed all the stops she had planned.

First up, Mollydooker Wines Cellar Door. The first thing you notice is the breathtaking view of vineyards against a hilly backdrop.



Today, I learned that Mollydooker Wines was not only started by Sarah and Sparky Marquis, a husband and wife team, but that mollydooker is also an Aussie term for left-handers. You guessed it, Sarah and Sparky are also lefties! They have a pretty interesting story, you can read more here!



The Cellar Door had a quirky, retro themed tasting room with easy going staff and generous tastings we must say!



The boys loved some of the red selection, particularly the Velvet Glove Shiraz and Gigglepot Cabernet Sauvignon. It was also my first time trying Miss Molly (Sparkling Shiraz) and Girl on the Go (Sparkling Verdelho), both of which were great. And we were even served some beautiful, warm home made bread with olive oil and dukka – yum!

They had a promotion going at the time of our visit. Post a selfie with Mollydooker’s Girl on the Go and receive a free bottle of Girl on the Go or a pair of flutes. Was too good not to pass up 😉


Beautiful backdrop and outdoor seating area to really soak in the surroundings.







Thanks for a great visit Mollydooker Wines, hope to be back in the future!

Next stop was Serafino Restaurant for lunch 🙂


The grounds are immaculate and is the perfect location for a wedding or special occasion – there was a baptism lunch the day we visited – very eloborate!


I remember waiting a long time for the food to arrive, but it was delicious! Mike had the Beef Wellington and I enjoyed an herb crusted lamb rack with baby veggies and gnocchi – yum! Definitely on the pricier side but worth a visit for a special occasion!



Last on our McLaren Vale stops – Penny’s Hill Cellar Door. Rustic and charming, it was a relaxing way to end our visit. I also love their elegant and distinct packaging.




Lots of sitting area, even a restaurant! Can watch grazing sheep or check out the chooks. Great for kids to hang out as well 🙂






Both of us concentrating on a game we don’t know how to play


Isabelle visiting the chooks



Wine is serious business


Can’t get over the amazing views in McLaren Vale!




Took some photos of Laura, looking fabulous at 36 weeks!



Soon it was time to head back as we thanked and said good bye to our new friends for a great time!

Mike and I absolutely loved McLaren Vale (or maybe we just love vineyards) but definitely hope to visit again… for much longer!

We couldn’t buy too much, but did leave with a nice bundle of souvenirs to enjoy at a later date 😉