Adelaide: Day 2 – Mount Lofty & Moon Lantern Festival

September 27, 2015

After a fun and indulging day in McLaren Vale, Matt drove us up to Mount Lofty for a view of Adelaide from a different perspective.

Mount Lofty is approximately 15km east of downtown, where there is a 4km uphill trek to the summit and is one of Adelaide’s most popular exercise circuits – of course, we drove.

Beautiful panoramic views greeted us, followed by a gorgeous sunset over Gulf St Vincent.



A popular tourist destination, many people had the same idea as us


The golden rays of sunset reminded me of autumn colours back home… almost.



Worth the wait, look at this amazing sunset! And if you look close enough, you will see the silhouette of a plane just taking off!


Beautiful just watching the sun go down…




We didn’t stick around for long after the sunset as Laura and Isabelle were waiting for us. The moon was already high in the sky by the time we started heading back to the car!



Visit up Mount Lofty reminded us of Mt Archer in Rockhampton… not nearly the same views though! 😉

We went home to pick Laura and Isabelle up to head into the city and partake in the Moon Lantern Festival – I had not expected to be celebrating Autumn Festival this year so it was a pleasant surprise!

By the time we made it to Elder Park, it was packed with people. Luckily, we were able to grab a spot on the grass while Matt parked the car to enjoy the start of Australia’s largest lantern parade.


The featured lantern, “the Hong Kong Dragon,” is the largest lantern created for a moon lantern festival.



A view of the Adelaide Oval across the river


There were tons of lanterns, including those from participating South Australian schools and community organisations – neat to see them all!


The Moon Lantern Festival ended with a fireworks show over the River Torrens which everyone enjoyed!



Slightly chilly, but fun night out!


And of course, joining the throngs of people escaping!



It was late by the time we left the festival. We dropped Laura and Isabelle home first to rest and get ready for bed. The boys and I headed back out in search of some dinner! The hope was to enjoy a cuisine not easily found (if at all) in Rockhampton.

Stay tuned for the next post!

3 thoughts on “Adelaide: Day 2 – Mount Lofty & Moon Lantern Festival

  1. Bear Beckett says:

    Hi. I’m a nurse from Adelaide, glad you liked our city. I lived in Vancouver for a while . I just stumbled across your blog by accident but could see some common ground so I just wanted to say hello.

    • Sandra N says:

      Hello! Thanks so much for reading and saying hi 🙂 We loved Adelaide, definitely hope to have time to come back and visit – I still have so many photos and memories to share but have been procrastinating!

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