Dear friends,

If you are reading this… thank you! I can’t believe you are still here despite the fact that I am nearly one year behind on my blogging.

As you know, I use my blog as a journal of my life’s events so I will continue to try and blog in chronological order and catch up as soon as I can.

I thought it was only fair to update and let you know why I have been so absent – especially since I have not neglected this blog so much since its inception in 2010!

Although these are not excuses, there have been a few reasons for my absence…

  1. Long work hours as at the hospital
  2. Marrying my best friend and love, Michael, on May 14, 2016
  3. Vacation pre and post wedding (in Canada, Melbourne and Brisbane)
  4. Quickly falling pregnant after the wedding (literally 2 weeks after) and being extra tired working my usual hours. I was honestly coming home from work only to have dinner and fall straight asleep
  5. Finally, giving birth to our beautiful daughter, Laurel Linh Xuan Nguy on February 16, 2017. She’s now nearly 8 weeks old and as you can imagine, I have only rare moments to myself!

I can’t wait to catch up on my blog and tell you all about it and more!

Please share your thoughts! :)

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