Photo #244: Canada – An Infographic

October 29, 2012

Was reorganizing some folders on my computer today when I came across this inforgraphic by Kirstin Hallett. I thought it was pretty great when I first saved it and now I must share with you! I also find a lot of this quite accurate! 😉

PS: I live in the centre of the whole freaking universe!

Photo A Day update coming soon

I know… I’m so behind on my photo project! I should really try to post daily but I keep letting the pictures pile up… 😦

I have one last exam tomorrow (Global and Community Med) and then I will start posting for sure!

In the meantime, I’m loving Billy Talent’s Surprise Surprise off their latest album, Dead Silence. Check it out!

Poutine in Australia!

Michael and I happened to be talking about cheeses, which led to the reminiscence of cheese curds and naturally to poutine.

Some of you may be wondering, “What is poutine?!” If so, you have been missing out. Poutine is a Canadian dish made of 3 basic components: potato fries and cheese curds swimming in gravy.

Sound like a heart attack? Hence enjoyed in moderation! And bake your potato, don’t deep fry 😛

So, we realized that we have never seen cheese curds at the grocery store and thought maybe they just don’t have it here. A quick Google search told us that there are different types of cheese curds, one of which was a mozerella-like one called bocconcini.

Needless to say, we went out to buy some of this cheese we’ve never heard of before.

Looks kind of creepy doesn’t it?

Baked some homefries and made poutine!

Looks like a success eh?

Verdict: Fail. It tasted alright but just not the same. Would we have it again? Probably not, unless we find the cheese curds they use in Canada. The bocconcini was simply too bland to do poutine justice.

Worth the try though!