A look back at some fun times!

On October 3rd, Amanda and Pei Yee hosted a Malaysian Night for us! They cooked a number of Malaysian dishes for the guests to enjoy including Nasi Lemak and Beef Rendang. All the guests also brought food to share and it was overall an incredible feast! Mike and I brought coconut sticky rice with jackfruit and some carrot cupcakes πŸ˜‰


October 15 was date day with Michael! As per his wishes, we went golfing at Emu Park. The course was green, the sky was blue and we had a great day out together.




Unfortunately, I suffer incredible reactions to insect bites and lived in agony from tiny sandflies bites over the next week 😦


Very surprisingly, my favourite rotation of 2015 was Surgery. Me, of all people! I had an incredible time with the surgical team, enjoyed the work and the cases, felt supported and was constantly learning. We had a lovely farewell dinner with the consultants and registrars on October 22 at The Spice Route. Thank you everyone for a great time on Surgery – I definitely miss it!


The following night was the Hospital Masquerade Ball, held at the Leichardt Hotel. The food was terrible but luckily the band was good and the company better. Would we pay that much to go again next year? Probably not to be honest!


Having a photo booth was fun!






This gorgeous couple – nearly ready to meet their little one!


And my handsome man πŸ™‚


More to come for the month of October!

(I know, please bear with me. It’s April and I’m back blogging for October. But it’s because I want a record of my memories!)

Being tourists on the Wheel of Brisbane

After Monty’s Chocolates, Mike and I walked over to South Bank to be tourists and ride the Wheel of Brisbane.

It’s something that we’ve been wanting to do and when we saw vouchers on sale ($6/person compared to regular price $15/pp), we had to buy!

It was much busier than we thought, who knew the Wheel was the place to be on a Friday night!

Waiting in line!

IMG_4890 IMG_4891

Just loaded into our gondola! See the tourist excitement on our faces?



Oh my gosh, we’re moving!!




There is a recording that plays through out your ride, pointing out all the different locations that you can follow along with the booklet they give you. There’s even volume control and A/C control.

Derpy faces πŸ˜›

IMG_4897 IMG_4898

View from the top!



Premature sad faces after the second round and thinking the ride was already over.


We were wrong! The ride was closer to 6 loops! Definitely worth the money πŸ˜›


Ended the night with yummy Korean food at Madtongsan II with Xuan Ping. Lovely Friday night!

Lunch Date with Mike @ Gyoza Bar ANN

On Friday, we were able to get out of the hospital earlier than usual. That meant an opportunity for a late lunch date!

Gyoza Bar Ann had been on our list of places to try, specifically for their dumplings. We arrived a little after 2pm, loudly greeted at the door by very friendly and hospitable staff.

My date!


The lunch menu included Tower Lunch Boxes ($12 each), which of course, we each got. Each Lunch Box comes with steamed rice, a green salad and the choice of one out of 12 main dishes. 6 of the choices are gyoza (dumplings) and the other 6 vary from teriyaki, karaage, sashimi and tofu.

We missed the lunch rush πŸ™‚ Lovely restaurant almost all to ourselves!


Without much deliberation, Mike chose the spicy gyoza (made with pork) and I chose the cheese gyoza (made with chicken).

And, since it was Friday, we got drinks! Asahi for Mike and a Chu-Hi Lychee cocktail for me πŸ™‚



We didn’t have to wait long for the food, even though it says 10-15 minutes on the menu. Our dumplings came out on a sizzling hot plate with some onion and green beans. The staff brought over the gyoza sauce which we poured into the hotplate and let the flavours sizzle away for a minute more.


Rice was slightly overcooked but good flavours. Salad was fresh with a lovely dressing.


The dumplings were crisp with flavourful filling. My cheese gyoza also had tomato in it, added to the juiciness of the meat. Mike’s dumplings were oh-so-spicy – I couldn’t handle more than one.



A really nice experience, we will definitely come back to try different dishes soon!


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Photo #303: Tender Frog Legs

December 27, 2012

Mike came into town and we were heading back to his place for a few days. Decided to stop for lunch at our favourite restaurant in Ottawa before hitting the road. I’d only ever had frog legs done the “Asian” way (battered and deep fried, then tossed in salt, butter and sauteed garlic) so thought this would be a nice dish to try – the frog was so tender!

Halifax Day 7: A Date with Michael @ Salty’s

December 10, 2012

So… our last day in Halifax! So sad that time has gone by so quickly!

Michael and I spent the morning running errands in terrible weather but also had the chance to relax before our lunch date.

We had reservations for 1pm at Upstairs at Salty’s. Salty’s is a 2 level restaurant, where downstairs is casual and upstairs is more formal.

Michael had specifically asked for window seats, which was a treat! It’s too bad the weather wasn’t nicer but it’s the company that matters right? πŸ˜‰ You look tired!

We were the only diners (Again! It seems to happen to us quite a bit) so service couldn’t have been any better.

Apparently, Upstairs at Salty’s uses the same lunch menu as their downstairs restaurant, which was fine with us.

We started with a glass of white before making our decisions.

Love good bread at a restaurant. Our food came quite quickly, which is always a treat.

Mike ordered the Maple Ginger Salmon ($17.95)
(roasted fillet of salmon with Nova Scotia maple syrup & ginger glaze, mashed potato, and seasonal vegetable)

Seasonal vegetable was indeed singular! Haha. Mike said his dish was tasty, but personally, I think his dish was lacking. Come on… you couldn’t add in some other veggies? And a little bit of effort on plating would have made such a difference. I also really don’t know what the sprig of parsley is trying to achieve…

I got the Beer Battered Shrimp ($15.95)
(served with fries, lemon mayo, and coleslaw) – I substituted sweet potato fries with curry mayonnaise (+$2)

The shrimp was good but the best part of my dish were those sweet potato fries. I will gladly exchange anything for those fries any day. So nice and crispy on the outside and light on the inside. However, the plating was once again disappointing. This is a nice restaurant… Why are my sauces coming out in plastic containers? You were able to get my coleslaw into a little dish, couldn’t you go all the way with the sauces?

Overall, we had a good time, especially with the restaurant to ourselves. The service was great and I wish the sky cleared so we could enjoy the view even more but perhaps next time.

Next time you say? Well the food was pricey… tasted good but nothing great. However, the good service and location warrants another visit – but we’ll try dinner next time, that menu is much more enticing.

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Part 1: A Delightful Wednesday

October 24, 2012

Met up with Christine for study date – lunch at Petit Four in Wintergarden Queen St Mall. Christine had a ‘tasting’ voucher – $15 for the 2 of us which I thought was definitely worth it!

I had read a number of negative reviews on Urbanspoon but was quite happy with the pleasant service! We were patiently instructed on our options and what we could choose:

  • 2 hot drinks (approx $5/ea value) – I chose a hazelnut chocolate milk while Christine got a strawberry mocha. My milk was nearly hot enough to even melt the chocolate so I ended up with a clumpy chocolatey drink. Fortunately, it still tasted good.

  • 2 chocolates ($3/ea value) – Wild passionfruit for me and a rose shaped fudge for Christine. Yummy chocolates!

  • 4 small macarons (approx $3/ea value) – Pistachio and citrus for me, strawberry and pistachio for Christine. I really enjoyed these but haven’t had them enough to know if these would be considered ‘great’ or not.

  • 1 tart (approx $5/ea value) – Lemon meringue. Nothing special but tasted good.

  • 1 square (approx $5/ea value) – Chocolate mud cake. Didn’t really like this – barely enough chocolate flavour and not very moist – definitely not a ‘mud’ cake.

  • 4 finger sandwiches – We got one of each flavour: egg & dill, chicken, tuna and tomato/cheese/ham. Again, nothing special but they were good!

Overall, the food was quite decent. And really, how could you complain when you paid $15 for all of that food, in Brisbane?

There were also numerous people who came to redeem the same voucher (which expired the next day). I was amazed at how impatient and stuck up some customers can be. Hello?! You chose to be cheap and purchase this great deal… what on earth are you so high and mighty about? Some people really need to learn to be a little more respectful!

Anyway, Petit Four is located in a corner of the mall so you don’t expect much. But they do have a cute environment withΒ  clear plastic chairs and little tables (seat 2 or 4) as well as clear stools for 2 big counters for customers to sit at. We set up shop at one of the counters and ended up staying for close to 5 hours, mainly studying with some chit chat πŸ˜‰ Not once did we feel pressured to leave and the tasting definitely filled us up for a while!

Would I come back? Yes! But only when I’m not so cheap and poor… πŸ˜›

Petit Four on Urbanspoon

Finally got home around 5:30pm to these! So pretty!

From this guy! πŸ˜‰

We had a dinner date that night (you’ll see in Part 2!) so he decided to get me flowers… awww, so sweet!

A study date at Bellissimo Coffee

October 11, 2012

Mike and I were in the area running an errand and decided to stop by Bellissimo Coffee during down time to study. What a neat little place! Although I’m not a coffee drinker, reviews on Urbanspoon certainly agree that Bellissimo deserves being the most awarded coffee of 2010 and 2011.

The shop has 2 levels. You can place your orders downstairs, check out some coffee roasting and even buy some coffee beans to take home.

We didn’t get any food but will definitely next time!

Then head upstairs where there’s plenty of room to grab a seat. Neat tables made from milk crates and coffee machines line the wall.

I’m not a coffee drinker but Michael said it was great coffee and we were both quite impressed at the latte art

Productive study date, yay!

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New Project: Movie a Week

About a month ago, Mike and I decided that each week, we would take turns choosing one movie to watch at home. It would give us an opportunity to further share one of our interests (without resistance) and would facilitate discussion about the things we enjoy.

As it’s another one of those long term personal projects, I wanted to record our movie choices and thoughts!

#1. Michael’s choice – Total Recall (1990)

Although he had already seen this movie, the new Total Recall was out in theatres and had a surprisingly lower than expected rating on Rotten Tomatoes. A lot of the reviewers said they enjoyed the old one more so rather than go out to watch the new one, we decided to stay in to watch the old one.

Verdict: Thoroughly enjoyed the film. With the storyline and futuristic ideas, I can’t believe the new movie couldn’t live up to expectations. I had plenty of laughs and as usual, could not take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s accent seriously!

#2: Sandra’s choice – Saving Private Ryan (1998)

A movie I’d always wanted to see. After seeing clips of this film in a fan-made music video for Metallica’s Fade to Black, I finally decided to watch it. Mike had already seen it before but because he liked the movie, he didn’t mind seeing it again.

Verdict: Great movie although very long. I think some scenes could’ve been cut and it wouldn’t have taken away from the movie. A lot of familiar actors and many gut wrenching scenes. The portrayed certain aspects of war that we will probably never see again, especially with such enormous advances in technology. Makes me hope that in future years, we will never forget the sacrifices millions have made for the world we live in today.

#3: Michael’s choice – The Five-Year Engagement (2012)

Michael though this would be a good comedy and I believed him.

Verdict: By the time we finished half the movie, we were groaning and wondering when it was going to end. Although we wanted to give up and turn the movie off, we couldn’t because too much time had already been invested! Sure, there were a few laughs and funny moments (all the good parts are shown in the trailer), but overall the movie just wasn’t funny.

#4: Sandra’s choice – Ratatouille (2007)

This movie came up in a conversation and I suggested we watched it. I loved it when I saw it the first time and Michael thought he would like it too.

Verdict: Great movie with memorable characters. We also love food, so may be a little biased. But it was a nice story and didn’t have musicals as fillers which was a plus. And as usual, Pixar animation is amazing!