FML: Huntsman spider in our house

We were enjoying a movie on the couch last night when all of the sudden Michael says, “Oh no…” and turns on the light.

Friggin huge huntsman spider decided to come in through the garage and call our place its home.



We tried to chase it back out into the garage but when it refused to return to where it came from and decided to run/crawl all over our house, we knew we had to destroy it. I know, it’s cruel, but there is NO WAY I would sleep at night knowing a giant spider was lurking around. Good thing we didn’t have to burn the house down!

By we, I mean solely Mike, while I sat there screaming and crying.

I was so sweaty when the ordeal was finally over. Oh my god, was my fight or flight response ever hyper activated!

Thanks for the reminders Amin, this WAS exactly what I was thinking:

Photo #124: Our Last Family Photo

July 2, 2012

3 years ago today, a great father left this world – mine.

This man fled Vietnam by boat and survived years in a refugee camp during which time he nearly died – more than once.

When he finally made it to Canada, he met his daughter for the first time – me.

With literally the clothes on his back, he endured hardship and racism in a new country – without speaking the language.

But he laboured hard, lived meagerly and sacrificed – he made a living.

He embraced a new culture and nourished a growing family – built a strong foundation for a new beginning.

He bought a car and soon he bought a house. He educated his children well and took his family on vacations – accomplishments many take for granted.

Everything was going well. Then came life-changing news – the diagnosis of liver cancer.

Five years followed. Happy moments. Hard times. Surgery. Chemotherapy. Pain. Relapses. Hope. Family.

The father once so reserved now spent hours a day just talking with his children – he wanted more time with his family.

The dad who preferred staying in to save money now encouraged his children to enjoy the pleasures of life as often as possible – he had regrets.

The man who never liked being the subject of photography now wanted to be in as many pictures with family as he could – he didn’t want to be forgotten.

The husband who seemed so strong now often spilled his fears as well as tears – he was afraid to die.

The man who told us to share with him all that was in our hearts because he was going to die in 3 days – he foretold his death.  

The man who hugged us, who kissed us, who cried with us and wished he didn’t have to leave us – he accepted his fate.

The man who had to remain sedated until he passed away – hopefully he knew no pain.

The man whose breathing slowed until he took his last breath – died surrounded by a stronger, more loving family.

The man who has shaped the person I am today – my father.

Dad, I will forever miss you and love you. My memories of you and your teachings will have a permanent place in my heart.

Today, in his memory, I post the last picture we took together as a family – Jenni’s high school graduation on June 24, 2009.