Recent Randoms

Some pictures from random moments these past few days!

Thing (from Addams Family) awkwardly on Michael’s shoulder 😉


The Water Dragon that kept running at Nuangi, Mike and I while we were studying in Roma Parklands the other day!


Absolutely delicious Mentai Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth with roe, bamboo, soft boiled egg, sliced pork) with dumplings and Takikomi (fragrant Japanese styled rice)… lunch set for $15.50 at Wagaya! Yummy!


Mike with a monster!


Was in the city studying today…

Super busy Post Office Square


Less busy Anzac Square just beside, settled here instead!


It was a beautiful day!


Heading back to the train when we saw the WWI & WWII Shrine of Memories, a crypt in the lower section of the Shrine of Remembrance.


Whoa… all the pictures are in portrait orientation, weird! Well, until next time! 🙂

The importance of hand washing

It is unbelievable the number of people I come across who don’t bother washing their hands after using a public bathroom – especially when I’m at the hospital.

Oh people… that’s bad, you know that! Washing your hands is so easy. It prevents the spread of germs to other people and to your surroundings … it even protects you from infection and illness. Win-win situation for everyone!

Sadly, most people already understand the importance of hand washing, they just choose not to do it.

Those people need Hamish and Andy (with the help of ‘The MOB’) to shame them into washing their hands:

Starts at 1:26

Things Everyone Should or Should Not Do

There are certain things that annoy me quite a bit lately, probably because I’ve witnessed so many so recently. What are they you might ask? People’s behaviours. Or in some cases, lack of behaviour.

Tardiness – Never acceptable without reason and prior notice

Lack of respect for property – can involve a number of things:

  • Make a mess at someone’s place – clean it! Don’t just brush your hands off and move on. Come on, at least try to keep someone’s place clean. Luckily, this hasn’t happened at my place but I see it all the time.
  • If you use someone’s bathroom and soil it, clean up after yourself.
  • If you borrow/use someone’s property, return it in the condition you found it – clean and undamaged!
  • If you accidentally damage/break something, tell someone. Don’t walk away and hope it’s inconspicuous.
  • Littering – just don’t do it.
  • Pick up after your dogs.

These things are not hard to do at all, just pure common sense! And a sense of responsibility! If you don’t even do these things outside your home, I can only imagine you are even worse at home! And that you have no self-respect and no hygiene!

Do for others what you would want others to do for you!

  • Someone’s backpack is unzipped? Zip it up for them, or let them know!
  • Someone has gunk in their eyes or food in their teeth? Kindly let them know!
  • Don’t push and shove. We are all going to the same destination.
  • If someone falls, help them up. Ask if they are ok.
  • If you see someone’s water pipe has burst, knock on their door and ask if they are aware of it. (This happened to me this morning! I live in complex with so many people who walked by and no one bothered to check up on us!)
  • If someone’s forgotten to lock their door, locker, car – do it for them.
  • Someone looks lost? Offer to help.
  • Someone needs a hand? Lend one.

These are things that would take no time out of your life to do for others. And like you, they would be grateful if someone did those things for them. Show concern and kindness for others if you want it too!

I think my rant of the day is done for now. Phew!