Club Med Turkoise – Turks & Caicos

March 05-12, 2015

One week. One glorious week full of beautiful weather, gorgeous beach with turkoise waters, delicious food, sun and fun.

Where? Turks & Caicos. A British Overseas Territory consisting of the larger Caicos Islands and smaller Turks Islands, two groups of tropical islands in the Lucayan Archipelago.

More specifically, we stayed at Club Med Turkoise on Grace Bay, Providenciales (Caicos Islands – home of most local residents) – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world – ranked #2 on Trip Advisor!

As you might remember from our previous Club Med experience in Bali, we are huge fans of the Club Med all inclusive experience. The location, the activities, the food, and the people you meet are some of the best reasons to choose Club Med for a fun-filled, stress free holiday.

We were supposed to fly from Ottawa to Charlotte then onwards to Providenciales. Unfortunately, our first flight was delayed so we got re-routed from Ottawa to Toronto to Miami and finally Providenciales. Due to the delay, we didn’t arrive until late evening of March 5th as opposed to midday. A whole day, wasted! Thanks a lot United Airways!


Morning came and all our troubles went away. What a beautiful, amazing place!





For this trip, we bought an underwater camera that was also perfect for vlogging. I invite you to watch our video and check out our adventures in Turks & Caicos!

It is easy to see why Grace Bay is one of the prettiest beaches in the world. In addition, Club Med has the widest, cleanest, and nicest spread of beach on Grace Bay – definitely a winner!



Crystal clear, turquoise waters at the perfect temperature. We spent many hours of every day in the calm peaceful ocean.





The perfect summary to our holiday:



Club Med Turkoise has the usual array of included activities such as tennis, basketball, and trapeze. What won our hearts? All the water sports!




Sailing, kayaking, snorkelling, and paddle boarding… we tried to as many water activities in a day as possible.


Snorkelling was twice a day and great! We even brought our own snorkels and masks but their provided equipment is pretty decent as well!








So many things to do!



Sailing quickly became a new favourite hobby. And we didn’t capsize once!





The food was also great! The main buffet restaurant, Grace Bay Restaurant, was where we ate most of our meals. A repeating breakfast and lunch spread throughout the week but enough variety to keep us happy. For dinner, there was a different theme every night. We love food and there is definitely enough choices and something for everyone. Our favourite? Their famous white chocolate bread! Yum!


The social aspect of Club Med is one of its main appeals. Most dining tables fit 6 people so you will always meet new people at meals (if not during the day). We met a variety of interesting and wonderful people!

They also haveΒ a reservation-only a la carte restaurant, Lucayan. We lined up to secure a table but were incredibly disappointed. The atmosphere is nice and it was really good to have a private meal with just the two of us, however, the food simply did not measure up to our expectations.


Lastly, they have Sharkie’s Bar – one of our favourite spots to hang out in the afternoon. Simple menu with the best chicken burgers and fries. Food, drinks and fun live entertainment – what more do you want?


Perfect beach for nice long walks πŸ™‚



Gorgeous sunrises and beautiful sunsets… every day!


Sunrise from our room!



Enjoyed numerous sunsets on the beach





Did I mention the local beer, Turks Head, is pretty tasty? πŸ˜›




Last night on Turks and Caicos and one year anniversary of our engagement! How tanned we were by the end of our vacation!



Couldn’t get enough and look forward to the opportunity to return! Thanks for an amazing time Club Med Turkoise!

Family trip to Stradbroke Island!

December 16, 2014

Stradbroke Island holds a special place in our hearts. Not only is it one of our favourite places in Australia, itΒ was also where Michael proposed to me on March 12, 2014!

We were very excited to be able to show our parents the beautiful island and the place we became engaged πŸ™‚

There’s not much to say because the photos speak for themselves!

Ferry ride over





Ran into so many beached jellyfish


Look at the gorgeous water!


My mom is not a fan of midday beach fun because it’s so hot and the sun is so strong, very happy she still came along!





The rock where we got engaged! Where Deadman’s Beach transitions to Frenchman’s beach… ❀




Continuing with the Gorge Walk



We finished the day off with Korean BBQ dinner at Midam – delicious!



A quick return to Stradbroke Island

October 6, 2014

On March 12th of this year, Michael proposed to me during a wonderful vacation on Stradbroke Island. One of our favourite places turned into a very special place that day, and we will always look forward to the opportunity for a visit.

With beautiful forecasted weather, we took advantage of the Labour Day long weekend to spend a day on the island.

Started ourΒ day sharing a delicious breakfast at Tillers Cafe Pantry, a restaurant attached to Allure Resort, where we stayed back in March. The last time we were here, it was our first meal out as an engaged coupleΒ and my first time wearing my ring in public. I remember not being able to help but continuously glance down at my ring, as it was so sparkly in the natural light πŸ˜›

We enjoyedΒ Whole dressed avocado served with sourdough bread, grilled haloumi cheese, lime & dressing of olive oil and balsamic ($12), which was just as delicious as last visit!


We also shared a slice of berry white chocolate cheese cake accompanied with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream. The cake had really good texture with interesting crunchiness from white chocolate within the cheesecake.


We strolled along the beaches after breakfast, even coming across this sand mermaid who has seen better days


Blue skies, sunshine, warm sand for lounging and refreshing ocean swims! Love him πŸ™‚


Coming up to high tide by the time we passed Deadman’s Beach and headed into Frenchman’s Beach, but hereΒ is where he proposed! At the tall boulder just slipping out of the sun… πŸ™‚


A perfect day, Stradbroke Island will always be one of my favourites places ❀


Camping on Stradbroke Island: Day 02 & 03

Day 02: Sept 19

Woke up bright and early to birds chirping and the soothing sound of ocean waves crashing on the shore.

After breakfast, we decided that we would re-hike the same path as yesterday: East from Flinders Beach all the way to Main Beach and stop to swim along the way. Since we were walking through the same scenery as yesterday, I didn’t take as many photos!

Wee, wee, wee! Riding my invisible broomstick around Home Beach


Marking our presence!




Morning stretches



I found lunch! Different kinds of molluscs!


While I was hunting for lunch, Mike decided to claim a secluded section of Deadman’s Beach as his own private beach. Just for the 2 of us!


That is my head, sticking out of the ocean


Closer look at the molluscs I found


New friends! Tickling my palm as they tried to slither away


Sand dune! Too bad we didn’t have anything to use to slide down with!


Bird of prey swooped down and stole an angelfish caught by a fisherman





Super calm fisherman


Lots of little crabs on all the beaches


Little critters all around if you stop to take a look!


Thought these flowers were quite interesting!


We finally made it down to Main Beach! The wind was crazy today and the waves were too large to safely go swimming… neither of us are surfers, haha!


Since we couldn’t swim at Main Beach, we walked back (so much walking) to Deadman’s beach for more swimming… and more crabs



We made it sure to make it back to our camp at Adder Rock in time to watch the sunset! And to not only enjoy but see our awesome astronaut (read: freeze dried) dinner!



It was actually REALLY tasty! Yum yum!


We took our dinner bag onto the beach to eat and watch the sunset together. Aww, how much more romantical can camping get? Haha





The wind had picked up quite a bit after the sun went down so we hid out in our tent for the evening. Yay!

Day 03: Sept 20

Our last day on Straddie! We decided to have breakfast, pack up and head back early in order to enjoy a whole day back in Brisbane.

This little fella never failed to show up and laugh at us in the mornings!





Our next door camping neighbour (took this with my telephoto lens). SHE HAS A FRUIT BOWL and containers with drawers!


Someone tied their bracelet to the fence


This bird greeted us on our first day and followed us everywhere around the camp ground. On the last day, it landed on my shoulder while we were having breakfast! Very cute, especially the way it wiggled it’s butt, I don’t know what kind of bird this is though, does anyone?


And that’s it! Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed it!



Camping on Stradbroke Island: Day 01

September 18, 2013

During this vacation, I did something I’ve never done before: I went camping!

Big thanks to Mike for the awesome first experience! Being an avid camper, he had everything we needed to make the trip as smooth as possible πŸ˜€

Our destination had long been recommended by numerous friends and boy were we glad we finally went! STRADBROKE ISLAND – definitely would visit again!

Getting to the island was incredibly easy and convenient, making us both really wished we’d gone earlier. Take the train out to Cleveland, hop on the complimentary bus out to the dock and on to the ferry! Ferry price is $15 return for students, pretty good! Once we arrived on the island (Dunwich), the island bus was waiting and it cost an additional $2.50 to get to our camping ground, too easy!

On the way there!


Here is a map of Stradbroke Island so you can see the places I have mentioned and will be talking about in this post.


We decided to camp at an unpowered site at Adder Rock for $28/night. Being low season, we got our pick of camping sites and decided to camp along Flinders Beach. Camping on the beach, what could be better right? They even had all the amenities we could need, including cooking and toilet facilities. From Adder Rock, we hiked East along the coast, scampering over rocks and walking through kilometers of pristine beaches all the way to Main Beach.

Setting up camp


Done! Our home for the next 2 days


… with the awesome beach view


Settled in and having lunch! Yes, Mike has a portable stove, pots and pans, and everything! Sausages, hard boiled eggs, bread, strawberries… yum!


First selfie of the trip!


After lunch we headed out to explore North Stradbroke Island.

We started with walking along the roads where we passed by a skatepark.




We sooned turned off the road to walk along the beach instead. First up, Home Beach (refer to map above!)









Beaches were pretty much empty except for a few families scattered here and there


We’ve reached Cylinder Beach! One of the few places to swim with lifeguards.



Beautiful Cylinder Beach




Leaving Cylinder Beach…



Mike taking a break



Looking back at Cylinder Beach


Looking ahead to Deadman’s Beach


We saw a manta ray cruising underwater while taking a break!


Deadman’s Beach


Really interesting to the see the variations in volcanic rock formations and colours as you go from beach to beach.


Frenchman’s Bay!




Heading up to the road because you couldn’t really continue onward by the beach


Looking back down at Frenchman’s Bay



As we walked along the road to the Gorge Walk, we saw humpback whales! Unfortunately, they were really far out!




The beautiful Gorge Walk!

Breathtaking North Gorge





We really kept our eye out for dolphins and sharks, but only saw sea turtles and manta rays unfortunately. Still amazing though!








View of South Gorge and further ahead, Main Beach!


Endless Main Beach as far as the eye can see!


We didn’t swim at all today. Decided that we would hike the coast again tomorrow and go swimming and visit Main Beach then. With that we headed back, returning to Adder Rock just missing the sunset! Boo, but that’s okay, we’ll make sure to catch it tomorrow!


Getting a fire going… just because πŸ™‚


Smoked out a huntsman spider!


Easy dinner! With wine, fruit and other snacks on the side.


We retired to our tent early with our headlamps and spent the night playing Monopoly Deal Card Game (thanks for that Vy!) and reading Dan Brown’s Inferno. Good end to our first day.

Hiking @ Noosa National Park (Part 2)

Following up with my previous post, we were halfway through our hike when we finally reached the gorgeous Alexandria Bay.


How beautiful is this? And what was even more awesome, barely a soul in sight – especially compared to the Main Beach. Absolutely stunning!


Group picture with Xuan and Mabel!


Of course we had a dip in the ocean! The water was cool and super refreshing after the walk! The waves weren’t too bad although some sets definitely got salt water up my nose but hey, clear sinuses!



After a snooze under the sun, we continued on with our journey! We proceeded back in the direction we came in via the Coastal Path (#4 in blue).

Noosa map



Our first stop was at Hell’s Gate – amazing panoramic views of the great blue ocean!



Pretty Mabel!


Xuan… perhaps pondering the mysteries of life?





We then continued down the Coastal Path back to the park entrance with great views of the coast along the way back.





Before we knew it, we were on the road heading back to Brisbane with the sun quickly setting beside us… πŸ™‚

Hiking @ Noosa National Park (Part 1)

Finally went hiking at Noosa National Park yesterday!

After a long drive, we were greeted with such gorgeous weather that it was definitely going to an awesome day for hiking.

Noosa map

We started with the Noosa Hill track (#3 in yellow), a 2.4 km that climbed steadily up through open eucalypt woodlands and shrublands to the top of Noosa Hill.

Pictures of course! πŸ™‚

Heading in!




Once in a while you can glimpse the blue waters just through the thick vegetation


Pretty remnants of once green leaves


Colourful lichen


Last bit of elevation before reaching the top of Noosa Hill


Do you see a horse too?



I think we added a good foot to the “official” height of Noosa Hill


Then made our way back down…

Lots of interesting textures to see



Xuan found his special place in a tree


Markings made by the larvae of the Scribbly Gum moth! You see these tracks all over the Scribby Gums (Eucalyptus haemastoma) and according to Wiki: Eggs are laid between layers of old and new bark. The larvae burrow into the new bark and, as the old bark falls away, the trails are revealed. The diameters of the tunnels increase as the larvae grow, and the ends of the tracks are where the larvae stopped to pupate.


Gorgeous red crystalized sap on the Scribbly Gums




We eventually reached the end of the Noosa Hill track and continued on another 2.8km via the Tanglewood track (#2 in orange), a meandering trail through cool rainforest.


Found a turkey! We unfortunately didn’t see much wildlife except for turkeys and birds!


Found the Eye of Sauron


The trail eventually gave way to woodlands…


… as we reached our much anticipated destination: Alexandria Bay.


One word: Stunning.

Stay tuned to see more of this gorgeous place!

Day 07: Singapore – Adventure Day on Pulau Ubin!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Today was Mike and Sandra day, and we were going on an adventure to Pulau Ubin!

Pulau means Island and Ubin means Granite (in Malay). Pulau Ubin = Granite Island

Makes sense! “Granite quarrying supported a few thousand settlers on Pulau Ubin in the 1960s, but only about a hundred villagers live there today. It is one of the last rural areas to be found in Singapore, preserved from urban development, concrete buildings and tarmac roads, with an abundance of natural flora and fauna.

We decided to visit Pulau Ubin for the day, to see a bit of nature and get away from the city.

To get there, take the MRT to Tenah Merah Station then transfer to Bus No. 02 to the Changi Bus Interchange. From there only a few minutes walk to the Changi Point Ferry Terminal, where you can catch a short 10 minute bumboat ride ($2.50) over to Ubin Island.

The weather was great! We were excited to see blue skies and the sun out but also realized one thing… we didn’t have insect repellant. Knowing my luck and the fact that there was a Dengue outbreak in Singapore at the time, I was going to die… argh!

But it was too late, and we were already on the bumboat trip over and were docking…


Welcome to Pulau Ubin!




I had read that there was a fish spa available on the island, which is why we specifically decided to rent bikes from Celestial Resort: $10 for all day bike rental and a 1 hr fish spa. Unfortunately, the bike only had one gear… πŸ˜›

Heading in! As you can see, many shops offer bikes for hire at differing qualities and prices. You could definitely pay more and get a much better bike than we did. Actually, we recommend getting a better bike because otherwise you’ll be pushing it up the hills like we did!



Just simple, quiet, serene views all around the island, untouched by industrialization and technology.







Riding the bike through shaded trails, so tranquil!


Zombie Sandra after Mike!


It was REALLY hot. We bought a lot of water, but if you forget to bring some, there are a few places around the island you can purchase cold drinks from.

At one point during our ride, I wailed, “This is the worst part of our trip!” because of the 20+ mosquito bite welts that had appeared almost magically. For those who are sensitive like me, the suffering! The suffering is so bad!

There are a number of tame wild boars you might run into! We encountered them twice πŸ™‚




I find the females quite dainty looking, does that even make sense?


Haha, one of them chased after Mike and kept nudging him (getting snot and mud over his shorts) for the fried banana he was carrying. Eventually he had to loudly shoo her away.


Took a rest by the water.


So many mosquito bites! And lots of planes in the background πŸ™‚



Mike pointing out Malaysia, which you can see in the distance!


Lots of friendly dogs πŸ™‚



We met a nice couple at the Visitor Centre who wanted a picture in front of it because the house is old and unique. In return, he offered to take one of us, how could we say no? Too bad they barely got the house in the shot…


The house from further away


Enjoying the nice views






Look, a boat from Vietnam!


We passed by a Muslim Cemetery, which I had never seen before. Don’t know if this is what they normally look like?


We climbed up the Jejawi Tower to check out the view! Saw lots of planes (up close!) taking off and landing at Changi Airport across the water πŸ™‚


Mike’s pretty face!


By now, we had been biking for a couple of hours and we were hot (I was dying from itch) and sweaty. What better time to go for the fish spa?

Before heading in, we enjoyed a nice cold orange drink, included in the $10.

The fish spa was a long pond that wrapped around a corner in a shaded area to one side of the resort. There was another couple and a Vietnamese family that came in with us at the same time. The other 2 groups settled each at one end of the pond and Mike and I sat in the middle.

For the first 10 minutes, there were non-stop shrieks and giggles from the awful tickling sensation of the fish. We expected a pond with a couple fish nibbling here and there. NO. Not this place, this pond had enough fish to COMPLETELY BLANKET your feet. There were little fish that were ticklish enough and then there were bigger fish that were more ticklish.



It was hilarious. Don’t worry, I took videos so you can partake in the laughter too!

After a while, everyone got used to the buzzing, vibrating sensation of the fish and settled down for a relaxing nibble.



Mosquitos were still swarming me, but by now I had given up to the Dengue god and couldn’t care less. At least I had experience what it was like to have hundreds of little minion exfoliate my feet by eating my dead skin. πŸ˜›

And that marked the end of our Pulau Ubin adventure! After this, we headed back to Singapore and then back to our hotel.

But not before stopping for food! We stopped at Tekka Market in Little India close to our hotel to have some Briyani! Looks messy but I assure you it was tasty!




We got back to the hotel in time to enjoy happy hour and of course, shower!

Tonight, we were on a mission: To have dinner at Tim Ho Wan, one of the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant, known for their amazing dim sum.

It was 8pm by the time we got into the city and to Plaza Singapura, but the line was already closed! They are still so popular that even at 8pm, the queue was at its limits before closing. SAD FACE. Broken heart.

So, with heavy hearts, we walked around Orchard Rd and checked out a few of their endless shopping centres and even grabbed a tasty kebab to eat on the streets.

Eventually, we made it back to the hotel, but again, not before stopping for more food… naan bread in Little India, what do you expect?

Haha, we called it an earlier night than usual – 11pm bedtime, woo hoo!

And that’s the end of Day 07! Our last sleep in Singapore!


I can breathe underwater!

This past weekend, I tried something for the first time – scuba diving!

And I’m still here blogging, so that means I survived, which is always a good thing! I’m glad I tried it as it’s something I’ve always wanted to do. Now that I know I can breathe underwater without freaking out, I’m much more inclined to spend money in the future to get my Open Water Certification. πŸ˜€

We bought special $99 vouchers for Dive World. With the vouchers, you can either do 2 social dives if you are already certified (like Mike and Yoni) or 1 discovery dive, which is what Kee Ping and I did.

Things I enjoyed:

  • Trying out scuba diving for the first time and realizing I can do it!
  • Friendly staff
  • I got to see dolphins from the boat!

Things I did not enjoy:

  • As someone who has never even donned scuba gear going on a discovery dive, I expected to go into the ocean one-on-one with an instructor – which I have always seen with other companies, even in other countries. We were 4-to-1. An extremely uncomfortable situation to be in, especially when you have to buddy up with someone equally inexperienced. Worrying about yourself in that situation in hard enough, let alone worrying about the safety and comfort of your buddy AND being attached with 2 other inexperienced divers. What if someone had trouble? What if 2 people had trouble at once? How would the sole instructor take care of 4 people who have never gone scuba diving before? And there is precedence in Australia, someone has died before on a dive like this: Charges laid after investigation into dive death of Chinese student
  • In addition, our boat (the Cwilamanzi) had a capacity of 20 people but there were at least 22 people on board.
  • Toilet on board but no toilet paper – haven’t seen that since public toilets in Vietnam.
  • Refreshments included tea/coffee, some grapes, 1 package of Black & Gold brand assortment cookies and 1 package of Black & Gold brand gummy snakes. To share between 20+ people. For those who are not familiar, Black & Gold is a value brand, cheaper in price and similar to the Canadian “No Name” brand.
  • All the above makes me question their commitment to safety and quality. Yes, some of us on board paid a “discounted” price for this day trip. However, we felt like corners were cut elsewhere to make up for the cost.
  • Lastly, it was unfortunate that the weather conditions were not good. Heavy rain and huge swells on the way out to Tangalooma. It was calmer once we were there (the sun actually came out for a bit too!) but the current was unbelievably strong and visibility was quite poor, at best 4m.

Some pictures from the trip – when the sun finally came out for a bit!

Yoni getting ready to step in


Tangalooma Wrecks


Moreton Island



Hi Kee Ping!


Mike and Yoni returning from their second dive






Back on the boat


Byron Bay over Easter weekend

We rented a car and drove down to Byron Bay for the day over Easter Weekend.

The weather was a little gloomy but luckily it rained everywhere else but on us! πŸ˜€

Made it safe and sound. We were worried it would be very crowded over the weekend but no such thing! Happily walking along the beach. It was also low tide so you could go really far out and the water would still just be lapping at your ankles.




Raining over there! Crossed our fingers and hoped it wouldn’t come our way.


Heading towards a look out point



Someone left their necklace behind…


The ocean wasn’t too cold with gentle lobbing waves. Watching all the surfers really makes me want to try someday soon! So many surfers, they make it look so easy…


Looking out










Woo hoo, the rain didn’t make it here! Believe it or not, the sun came out on our side shortly after this photo was taken. Lucky indeed πŸ™‚


We also drove up to Cape Byron Lighthouse but didn’t take any pictures! Hunger called and we were more focused on getting food in our bellies πŸ™‚

Good day trip! It was also pretty cheap to rent a car, so perhaps we will go on more adventures in the future!

A few videos from Vietnam :)

Play them in HD and I hope you enjoy!

Albino snakes: Supposedly a rarity and coveted in Vietnam. A relative of mine came across a snake right before she gave birth to a lot of 8 – 3 of which were albino. Very neat!

Stone fish = ugly, poisonous and not that tasty! Oh, and there’s a shark…

Mantis shrimp: Creepiest looking shrimp – note the half dead one on its back πŸ˜› Quite expensive as well, around 1 million VND (approx $50 CAD) for 1 kilo

Buying fresh, live squid. We were at Phu Quoc Island night market, picking out fresh seafood to be cooked on the spot for our dinner. The vendor taught us a neat trick to tell if our squid was live/fresh – spontaneous movement of markings on the squid!

Sao Beach at Phu Quoc Island. Beautiful crystal clear waters… loved it πŸ™‚ I hope it doesn’t develop too fast, like the rest of Vietnam, and retain its beauty for a long time to come.

Phu Quoc Ridgeback dogs are one of the only 3 breeds that that has a ridge of hair that runs along its back in the opposite direction to the rest of the coat. Of course we had to stop at a place selling them to see!

A few shots of sunrise at Long Hai Beach, Vietnam – at Tropicana Beach Resort. March 15, 2013

Halifax Day 6: Yacht Club, Crystal Crescent Beach and Homemade Alfredo Sauce

December 09, 2012

We had a late start today. It was raining, I blame it on the weather. πŸ˜›

We did follow through with brunch plans though!

Laura was at a meeting but Matt took us to eat the Royal Nova Scotia Yacht Squadron (yacht club on the Northwest Arm of Halifax Harbour).

Tidbit I didn’t know: RNSYS lays claim to being the oldest yacht club in North America, with its beginnings dating back to the establishment of the Halifax Yacht Club in July 1837

It’s too bad it was raining, the views would’ve been lovely!

I had the best (albeit first) seafood chowder ever! My grilled lobster sandwich was such a loser… trying to contend beside the bowl of chowder. πŸ˜›Β  It warmed me up inside, especially on such a gloomy day. Thank you Matt!

On the way back, we stopped at York Redoubt:

“Established in 1793 on a bluff overlooking the harbour entrance, and expanded in the 19th and 20th centuries, York Redoubt was a key element in the defence of Halifax Harbour.”

Unfortunately, it was SO foggy, you could not see a thing. I’d never been so close to fog before, it was pretty exciting. Don’t judge, I’m serious!


We headed back to Matt and Laura’s. They were soon leaving for Florida so we hung out until Laura got home from her meeting to say our goodbyes. I hope you guys had a great trip!

It was already afternoon… but the sky was clearing up… so we had to get to the beach!

Michael decided we were going to visit Crystal Crescent Beach:

“Crystal Crescent beach is one of the best known beaches in the Halifax region.Β  What is less known is the coastal trail that originates from the beach called the Pennant Point trail. The trail is an amazing coastal trek.Β  It is a 13 kilometer loop that hugs the coastline for most of it.Β  The trail is a lot of fun for rock climbing and scampering. The landscape is amazing…”


We were too cold to go very far along the trail, but this is one place I would definitely want to come back and see during all 4 seasons. What a beautiful place!

Unfortunately, my panorama photos failed horribly, but here are some other shots

Shadow hug!

We headed back into the city after this. Stopped for a snack of delicious onion rings at A&W before going home. Ended up just chilling at home reading and watching TV before heading over to Mike C & Christine’s for dinner!

They have a lovely home! My favourite thing about their house is this little closet/room that Mike C had renovated into a ‘personal room’ for Christine. A place just for her to go and escape from everything and get lost in her music… how sweet!

For dinner, Christine made pasta with an amazing alfredo sauce… she makes me want to try to make my own sometime as well πŸ˜€ There was also salad and bread and lots of sugary deliciousness for dessert, including some chocolate cake we brought, and Mike C’s baked goods.

We had a really nice time at their place (I haven’t played Foosball in so long!) and I’m glad to have had the chance to get to know some of Michael’s great friends πŸ™‚

And that marks the end of Day 6! I know, I failed at taking people pictures… again. However, FULL ALBUM HERE

Photo #285: Iron in Water

December 09, 2012

One of my favourite places I visited in Halifax – Crystal Crescent Beach. Such lovely views and scenic trails! You can see a little stream (pond?) in this picture with dark brown water, apparently from high iron content. I thought the contrast of blue and brown water so close to each other was neat.

Nov 14: Visiting Byron Bay for the 1st time

I have to dedicate this post to Fiona – for being so lovely and planning this little road trip for us to Byron Bay. Not only was it a great time hanging out with her, Christine, James and Andrew (too bad Kristen couldn’t make it) – Mike and I also got to visit a part of Australia we’ve never been and always wanted to see. πŸ˜€ Thank you dear!

Couldn’t have asked for better weather or better company! πŸ˜€

On the road bright and early! It was also during the solar eclipse, which we could sort of see with our naked eyes πŸ˜›

We arrived shortly after 10am (NSW time) and first stop? Enjoying the sun and a dip in the ocean (at Main Beach or Clarkes Beach I believe), what else!

We also drove up to see the Cape Byron Lighthouse – Australia’s not only most powerful but also most easterly light! During the walk up to the lighthouse, you can see Tallow Beach – absolutely gorgeous!

A beautiful day with hot weather demands an ice cream break

Will never understand why James prefers to go barefeet

Most easterly point of the Australian mainland

Chilling for lunch

There were dolphins!

A stop at Wategos Beach on the way down

And finally, a drink at Beach Hotel to end a great day before heading back to Brisbane! Love you guys!

Full album HERE!

Photo #150: My Man

July 28, 2012

Meet Michael, he’s wonderful and we have a by-the-book-corny story of how we met:

I had finally landed in Australia and had just arrived at my temporary accommodation complete with 3 large and 2 small pieces of luggage (don’t judge me). The receptionist declared I needed to see the facilities and meet the other Canadians who had already arrived. Michael was the first person I was introduced to (and Yoni). She then told Michael to help me upstairs with my luggage and the rest they say, is history… πŸ˜›

Sidenote: Today is my birthday! I’m a quarter century old, woo hoo! We took our family up to Sunshine Coast to visit Noosa Heads Beach – what a lovely day with beautiful weather! And I received such lovely gifts at the end of the day, will share more in a future post!

Snorkeling at Flinders Reef

We left the house shortly after 5am with misty rain in our face and worry in our hearts that the sky would not clear up. Luckily, by the time we got to New Port Marina and on our catamaran, the sun was brightly shining with rainbows in the sky, woo hoo!

Sadly, I got pretty sea sick on the way out to the reef, which has never happened before – must always take Gravol! Learned my lesson the hard way 😦

Anyway, the water temperature was great around 25-26C and visibility was at least 25m, awesome! We got to see many fish – colourful and of all sizes. I remember seeing an angel fish bigger than my head, I didn’t even know they grow that big. And of course, we saw sea turtles, my favourite! I was really hoping to see sharks, but maybe next time πŸ™‚

Most of our pictures came out too blurry, but here are a few. Enjoy!

Puffer fish!

Getting his back cleaned πŸ™‚