Walk around Kershaw Gardens

March 29, 2016

After our breakfast at The 2 Professors, Michael and I went for a lovely stroll in Kershaw Gardens. Unfortunately, a large majority of the park remains closed since Cyclone Marcia came through last year.

Here are a few beauties from our short visit!



Understandable if this is why the park is still not open!




Ants feasting on a dead moth!


Pond covered with water lilies


Great little stroll in the park before going to home to sleep! 🙂 Hopefully the full park reopens soon!

Hiking up Mt Archer

September 06, 2015

After our outing at Capricorn Caves the day prior, our weekend was not yet over. Instead of the suggested 14km Zamia Walk (Grade: Difficult) DOWN Mt Archer (604m above sea level), our locum consultant, Neil, suggested we should take on the challenge and hike UP.

It was a beautiful Sunday morning. Wonderful… and let me tell you, there were moments of regret! But we conquered!

To play it smart, you should do the following 5 things:

  1. Drive to Mt Archer in 2 vehicles. Whether you decide to hike up or down Mt Archer, park one vehicle at the top and one at the bottom. That way, you keep it a one-way 14km hike. Because trust me, you won’t want to double back.
  2. Bring enough water! It will take 3-5hrs depending on your speed and you want to stay well hydrated.
  3. Bring snacks. Because food makes everyone happy.
  4. Wear good shoes. And be sun smart of course!
  5. Don’t forget to bring a camera!

Neil has a very interesting background and is incredibly fit for his age. While Jess, Jin and I struggled to keep his pace, he powered on without seemingly breaking a sweat.

Some of our views along the way up!



The trails vary in terrain as you go up but the tracks are well developed so you can’t get lost! This photo was taken at the bottom of the hill heading towards the start of the Zamia trail.


Nearby views on the way up!



There are always a few fires going on around Mt Archer 😛



Neil, always ahead of us!


Did I mention Jin was doing this hike on his birthday? Yep, how admirable! If anything, I would be as lazy as I could on my birthday!


After much huffing and puffing, we finally made it to the summit around 4 hours!


Woo hoo!


Was it worth it? Yes! Even if only to say we did it 😉 And surprisingly, we weren’t sore the following day!


August 2, 2015

But what if you don’t want to hike that far? Don’t fret! Mt Archer offers something for everyone! You can drive to the top of Mt Archer and enjoy hanging out in the picnic areas. From there you can also choose the Walking Track Circuit (500m) or the Bracken Fern Way (1.4km return), both easy-grade with incredible views!

Here are some photos from our visit earlier in August with Jess, Jin and their dog Cookie!

The Walking Track Circuit – pretty easy as you can see!


And the views you can enjoy on the Walking Track Circuit






Cookie, the fluff ball, enjoyed the walks as well!





We also walked the Bracken Fern Way trail – definitely worth it! It’s a little bit more difficult in terms of terrain, but still pretty easy!

Lots of little things to see and enjoy on this trail 🙂


Don’t want to be bothering this!


Numerous interesting plants I’ve never seen before


If you stop to listen and look, you will see so many busy bees!





Never seen this insect before… I imagine a type of wasp?




Doesn’t take long to reach the lookout 🙂


There’s even an area to sit, rest, and enjoy the view – which we did of course!




Gorgeous views!






Whether you’re in the mood for some nice walks with great views or up for a more challenging hike – Mt Archer is definitely worth visiting! And don’t forget to drive up at night to enjoy the pretty city views as well!

Blackberries at Point Pleasant Park

September 07, 2014

This should’ve been talked about a few posts back, oops!

The evening of our Food Truck Adventure Day, we decided to go for a nice stroll in Point Pleasant Park

Our biggest surprise, blackberries. Blackberries everywhere! Bushes with huge, ripe, sweet blackberries at every turn. Even though we were completely stuffed from our food truck adventure, we ate so many blackberries, it was ridiculous.

We walked around with a never ending palm-ful of blackberries because… looks how many are around! 😛


Even the park animals were enjoying them!




After eating our weight in blackberries, we spent 5 minutes picking some to take home for Laura and Isabelle. Look how many we picked in such a short period of time!


Although distracted, we eventually made it to the tip of Point Pleasant Park while the sun was still up! This is looking out at the mouth of Halifax Harbour – you can see McNabs Island in the distance…. and the moon, and a cargo ship.


Lots of smooth rocks on the shore for stone skipping!


(We are such losers, I couldn’t remember the word ‘shore’ and asked Mike what is the area between land and water for this photo called. He answered, quite seriously, “the rock carpet.” I had to look up synonyms for the word ‘beach’ to enlighten myself. Early morning brain fart for the both of us!)

I love him 🙂


Vancouver: Day 03 (End)

November 19, 2013

Woke up to… clear blue skies, yay!

My sister had class this morning so she headed off with her housemate (Erin) after breakfast. Mike and I finished packing before heading out in order to make our lives easier.

We were pretty excited, with such a beautiful day, we were definitely heading back to Stanley Park and renting bikes!

And so we did! Thank you to Erin who lent us mittens and hats as well! They kept us warm during our excursion 🙂

We rented our bikes from Ezee Riders at $5/hour and went to check out the park… many photos!






Got to see the Totem poles 🙂







Such a gorgeous day!


We finally saw the mountains!




Feel proud guys. This was my third time on a bike in public and boy was it an achievement. I didn’t fall or drive off any roads or into any people or inanimate objects… like the last time I biked. 😛



Sadly, the time passed more quickly than we expected and soon we had to return our bikes and start heading back.

Ramen House 大街小廚 on Urbanspoon

We decided to stop for Japanese ramen, but due to our eagerness, we walked into a place on Broadway called Ramen House. They were a Chinese restaurant… that didn’t have a Japanese ramen menu…

We felt bad getting up to leave after already being served tea so decided to stay and check them out anyway. There were a lot of items on the menu so we took longer than usual to make up our minds. The poor owner, felt bad for us and said he would not be offended if we wished to leave to get Japanese ramen instead. But no worries! We decided two mains and two dim sums to share.


Calamari was tender and not greasy, very nice!


At the owner’s suggestion, I got Tan Tan Noodles, which were delicious! I’ve never tasted anything like this, so can’t really explain, I remember it being savoury but sour, and very garlicky. The noodles were nicely done as well.


Mike got Hot and Sour Soup with Dumplings – I haven’t had this soup in a long time and found it to be quite nice. Never tastes as good as the one my mom makes but I was pleasantly surprised, could do with more veggies and tofu though!


We had such amazing Fried Red Bean Pancake at Swee Choon in Singapore that we ordered it here as well, hoping for another delicious treat. Unfortunately, the pancake was not evenly crispy and quite greasy. A disappointment but the filling was actually quite nice!


After lunch, we headed back to my sister’s place to pick up our luggage and find our way to the airport! Took the bus and the skytrain without any problems and were soon checked in and enjoying some Starbucks at our boarding gate for our flight at 4:20pm.


And that… is the end of our Vancouver visit! Pretty short and sad because of the weather but I’m so glad we ended it with beautiful weather!

Looking forward to being home!

Recent Randoms

Some pictures from random moments these past few days!

Thing (from Addams Family) awkwardly on Michael’s shoulder 😉


The Water Dragon that kept running at Nuangi, Mike and I while we were studying in Roma Parklands the other day!


Absolutely delicious Mentai Tonkotsu Ramen (pork bone broth with roe, bamboo, soft boiled egg, sliced pork) with dumplings and Takikomi (fragrant Japanese styled rice)… lunch set for $15.50 at Wagaya! Yummy!


Mike with a monster!


Was in the city studying today…

Super busy Post Office Square


Less busy Anzac Square just beside, settled here instead!


It was a beautiful day!


Heading back to the train when we saw the WWI & WWII Shrine of Memories, a crypt in the lower section of the Shrine of Remembrance.


Whoa… all the pictures are in portrait orientation, weird! Well, until next time! 🙂

FADU: Rugby Union and Park Playing

Gosh, I’m nearly a month behind… how embarrassing. I now have to base my memories on pictures we’ve taken, thank goodness I have those!

July 14, 2012

Checked out our first Rubgy Union game – St George Queensland Reds v New South Wales Waratahs! And we won! Dinner? Chicken tacos and drinks – yum.

July 15, 2012

Hit the Windsor Park close to home with Tan and Christine for lunch and some fun in the sun! Too windy for badminton but soccer certainly had us panting for air! Such a gorgeous day! In other news, my brothers toe nails are blue courtesy of my mom and sister.

Dinner at home: Gnocchi with garlic bread and eggplant tempura – mmm!