I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to each and everyone of you!

Blogging is something I choose to do mainly to reflect and to record my thoughts and memories. I am humbled and happy that so many of you chose to read what I write and share in my adventures (as boring as they may be sometimes).

It is also thanks to you that I know of your blogs (as I am a bit of a hermit in the blogging community) and have found other people with similar interests. With that being said, there are also those with very different interests and have still introduced me to many new ideas and/or wonderfully interesting things!

Thank you for making WordPress blogging a much more enriching experience for me!

Cheers and much love!


Introducing a blogger and a friend :)

This is long overdue (and I’m sorry dear!) but I would like to thank my lovely friend and fellow blogger… let’s call her ‘S‘. That way, she can maintain her online anonymity 😉

Thank you for a number of reasons!

1) For being one of my oldest and closest friends. We met back in grade 7-8 and became closer throughout high school. She’s been there through thick and thin and is one of the few high school friends I still keep in touch with. For that I am grateful. We rarely see each other, but when we do, nothing has changed and things pick up where we left them. Friends like her are hard to come by, I’m sure you know the feeling!

2) For having a blog! Being on the other side of the world, it’s often extremely hard to keep in touch with friends – her blog allows me to stay up to date with what’s going on in her life. Can you believe, she’s the only friend I have who blogs? I’ve grown to love blogging as a tool to record my thoughts and memories. But it also kills 2 birds with one stone. I can blog on my own schedule and those who are interested can check up on me whenever they feel like it. That’s why I wish more of my friends blogged – so I can stalk you guys! 😀

3) For her awesome shout out to me and Elle! You are such an amazing and strong woman, thank you again my dear! Like her, I feel like I don’t praise other bloggers enough. I’m terrible but I will try to be less of a silent troll reader!

S has 2 blogs, check them out!

Her first is Love Lost in a Hail of Gunfire. Mostly laid back, many of her posts on this blog share mini life updates, her current interests in music and tv, as well as her own art pieces.

More recently, she started a second blog – Perception Overload. This one will serve as a platform for her more serious posts that will definitely be thought provoking!


Versatile Blogger Award

A long overdue thank you to Edward from Echwalu Photography for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award 2012. Yay!

Here are the steps for receiving this award:

  1. Name the blogger who awarded you this fantastic award
  2. List 7 random facts about yourself
  3. Award 15 other bloggers this award
  4. Enjoy!

7 random facts about myself:

  1. I’m turning 25 (quarter century, woo hoo!) next week, and my family is in Australia to celebrate with me! Not only that, my mom will be turning 50 next month and our family will be together to celebrate her birthday as well.
  2. I am so easily startled but love sneaking up and scaring the daylights out of other people. I want a black morph suit.
  3. I started blogging in January of 2010 without expectations of following through, but here I am! And so glad too! Now I have at least 2 years of memories to look back on in in the future.
  4. I buy postcards with much enthusiasm but always fail to actually mail them out to family and friends…
  5. I will neglect everything to finish reading a good novel. One of my favourite authors is Michael Palmer.
  6. I love taking pictures but hated lugging around my DSLR during everyday life. I now own a point and shoot (Canon S95) and take it with me wherever I go so I don’t miss out on photo taking opportunities.
  7. I like buying my groceries online and having them delivered to my house – thank you Coles!

Award 15 other bloggers this award

I’ve been very lucky to accumulate a number of blog followers over the past little while, which is great because it also leads me back to their blogs. I now follow a number of bloggers, a few of whom I’d like to nominate for the Versatile Blogger Award 2012!

  1. Petra’s 365 photographs – Love her photo a day postings!
  2. Nonoy Manga – A 17yo Filipino high school student with lots of talent and gems to share in this one!
  3. Griffin’s Grub – Food, food, food! Love his detailed posts and willingness to share with people!
  4. Photosteam – A graphic designer with many amazing pictures. I especially like the ones of his travels!
  5. Capture the Captivating – She’s definitely captured some great photos! And love the artwork she sometimes posts!
  6. pawsforamoment – A blend of writing and animals – a lot of nice articles dealing with the current world of animals!
  7. The Better Man Project – Evan regularly records the life lessons he learns on a daily basis while trying to be the better man – very inspirational!
  8. Short stories from life – Manoj spins fantastic tales from his life – always a pleasure reading them.

Thank you everyone for your support ❤ I hope you will enjoy checking out the blogs above! Have a nice day!

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