Back in Ottawa!

May 03, 2016

You know you’re back in Canada when…


Bagels, timbits, and Tim Horton’s coffee – who doesn’t make a pit stop as soon as your plane lands? We certainly did once we arrived in Toronto! Landed in Ottawa and was so incredibly happy to be greeted not only by my mom and brother, but also my grandparents and my Uncle 2 (Cau Hai)! Despite how late it was (midnight!) they insisted on a meal – so we ended up at Pho Ba Ga La in Chinatown!



I’ve never been out so late with my grandparents! 😉




It was a good time with the family, but you know me, no Vietnamese restaurant beats homemade food and I still stand by it!



Thank you to my wonderful family – so happy to be back in Canada!

In case you were wondering where Michael’s family was – they live in Kingston so it’s a drive to Ottawa! Since Michael was planning on staying in Ottawa for the coming couple of weeks for wedding planning, it made sense for them not to drive up but we would see them soon!

Krispy Kreme – Realizing a month long dream

The first thing I ate when I arrived in Australia back in January 2011 was a Krispy Kreme donut at the Sydney Airport.

Since then, it has become a little bit of a tradition (now shared with Mike as well) to get one every time I pass through Sydney.

We have been meaning to break that tradition for over a month now (since even before Meaghan’s visit) because there is a Krispy Kreme store in the city. So after a long wait and one failed visit – closing time and no donuts left – we finally did it!

We bought a pack of 6 donuts for $12.95 . So expensive compared to Tim Hortons at home, I know!


We got from left to right: Original Glazed, Caramel Latte, Raspberry Glazed, Choc Caramel Fudge, Apple Custard Crumble and Kookies & Kreme.


Verdict? The donuts are delicious. But they’re all made from the same batter with different toppings and fillings. Gets boring pretty fast. I miss the donut selection back home from Tim Horton’s with its different textures, consistencies and flavours.

The Choc Caramel Fudge was tasty but both Mike and I think it would’ve tasted much better if the flavours were reversed – caramel/butterscotch filling with a chocolate glaze on top instead 🙂


Kookies & Kreme – yummy filling!


Apple Custard Crumble – our favourite of the lot.


Would we buy these again? Yes, but definitely not more than 1 per person per visit. The donuts are good, but like I said, the dough is the exact same for every donut so excitement is quickly lost. Not to mention how terrible these are for your health 😛

Hey, it’s snowing on my blog!

And I can’t remember how to stop it… you’ll just have to deal with it until I fiddle around and find that magical switch to turn it off.

So… I’ve been back 2 weeks and have been terribly blog-silent, what have I been doing?

You might’ve seen me mention it in earlier posts, but home renovations took up quite a bit of time! Does it count if you’re not tearing down walls? Because I didn’t do that this time.

Our living room: Before

Our living room: After

Not too shabby? I am amazed I put this together without:

  • Destroying it
  • Having it fall on top of me
  • It being crooked!

I’ve also helped my brother with his bedroom but it’s still full of his unorganized junk, so no pictures for now!

What else – I FINALLY had Tim Hortons!

Look at the glorious selection (or at least what’s available at 8pm). A dozen donuts for approx $7 – apple fritters, I have missed you!

Even better that this Timmies is just on the corner of my street.

Yum, makes me so happy! Got some apple fritters, blueberry fritters, apple cinnamon with jelly filling, Boston creams, blueberry/strawberry jelly-filled, maple cream, yum!

We also had (really simple) Subway dinner with my grandparents on the evening of his 79th birthday (Nov 24)

My sister brought her turtle, Franklin, over to visit my grandparents after dinner 😛

The next day, Nov 25, we celebrated his birthday with the entire family!

The foods!

The birthday man!

Giving our cards and gifts

Having lots of fun playing Articulate (came all the way from Australia!) after cake 🙂


AYCE sushi with my family on November 28th at Sushi Kan!

Mmm, green tea ice cream

RANDOM! My new favourite combination: goat cheese (herb flavour) with blueberry jam – delicious! And bagels! Australia! Why you no have delicious bagels?!

Met up with Bea on Friday, Nov 30 for lunch at Bobby’s Table. Good company and good food in a homely and friendly little place!

And then for dinner met up with the girls for sushi at Genji – delicious! So nice to catch up with Ruixi (and hear all about her engagement!), Julia, Atong and Alyssa – you girls make me laugh non stop – love you guys!

BONUS! My brother’s ugly face 🙂

Okay, I should go pack now… flying to Halifax tomorrow morning! 🙂